The Tale Of Giovanni Rossi Or: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love Being Reincarnated As A Fluffy Chapter 1 part 6 Daddy's Boy (FluffySadist)


When you entered the room the place reeked of old fast food containers and unwashed clothing. Before I entered I told Jackie to stay at the window to be on the lookout for any security. I could barley make it a few feet before you had to stop and gag. Looking around the place was extremely dark all I was able to see were old food boxes and garbage. Continuing going deeper inside this fucking cesspool I heard something a video of some sort following it I could see a light I didn’t know what it was but I kept on walking and finally I saw him… Nathan my son. I could see his greasy morbidly obese frame quite clearly as he was wearing nothing. And not just that he was fucking rubbing his dick! Looking at the screen seeing what he was watching… Holy fuck! HOLY SHIT! THOSE… THOSE CARTOON CHINESE GIRLS LOOK NO OLDER THAN 10! And… ARE THOSE FUCKING TENTICLES! I feel like I’m going to throw up! Having enough of this bullshit I speak up. “WHAT DAH FUCK AM WWONG WIFF 'OU!” Nathan out of pure shock quickly turns off the monitor and pulls up a pair of dirty underwear and after that he flicks a lightswitch on. I look around and see the state of his dorm it’s completely disgusting. And finally after a few moments of franticly looking around Nathan sees me.

“What the fuck!” Nathan catches his breath before speaking again “Oh shit damn it’s Just another of those fucking fluffies! How the hell did it get in here?” Nathan heads over to grab me and I speak “stahp wite dewe nathan! It’s Giobanni am daddeh!” Nathan stops he looks at me with a shocked face and less than only a few seconds later he faints falling to the ground. To be honest I wasn’t that surprised that he fainted. If I was just told by a fluffy that he was my dead family member I would have fainted to! Heading over to Nathans face I began to try to wake him up. For awhile I just licked his face and gave him soft punches until finally Nathan sprung up screaming. “GAH WHAT THE FUCK! THIS ISNT HAPPENING!” Nathan is looks at me terrified as I speak “cawm down wet me expwain!” Nathan looks lightheaded like he’s about to faint again but he still speaks “How is this possible! My dad died a year ago!” A year Damn… Nathan speaks again. “You killed Mom you fucking monster!” I speak “she weft me wiff nu choice!” Nathan lays down on a trash pile known as his bed as he wipies the sweat off his forehead and speaks “FUCK!”

Me and Nathan continued talking he was still very angry with me but I was slowly able to make him come back to reality that I was still alive and was a fluffy and finally I decoded it was a good time to ask the question “what happened to my money aftew I died?” Nathan speaks holding and drinking a bottle of mountain dew “Me, Louis and Angel all got a pretty large inheritance. I got around 2.1 million.” I speak “whewe am it?” Nathan speaks “I kind of… Blew threw it in 3 months ok!” I speak pissed “WHAT!” Nathan speaks “When you and Mom died I got really stressed! So I bought a few expensive things! And there was this thing with this crypto project… And a thing with NFT’S… But both kind of sank…” I speak “whewe’s Louis an’ Angew? hab 'ou tawked to them?” Nathan speaks “I havent seen both of them since mom’s funeral. Angel sometimes sends me texts on holidays but Louis I don’t know what happened to him. He’s been completely silent.” I ask another question “how about my empwoyees. Do 'ou know whewe dey am?” Nathan speaks finishing the mountain dew and throwing it across the room Fucking Disgusting “I don’t know when you died a whole lot of people got arrested so I guess there all gone.” Shit! dammit! Guess it’s on to plan 2 I speak. “Nathan how much money do 'ou cuwwentwy hab?”

Nathan’s face had a stressed look on it like a question he didn’t like to think about he spoke “Like… Fucking hell I have 50$! And it’s not just that the school is thinking of kicking me out I’m in so much fucking debt Dad! I’m going to live on the fucking street!” Ha! Yes! Someone in a desperate situation can always be easily manipulated! I speak. “'ou know Nathan. Giobanni nebah towd dis to anyone befowe. Buh dey money 'ou wewe giben wasnt aww of it.” Nathan who before had his head down now looks at me his eyes wide open in shock “What! How?” I speak “I had wot’s of money hidden ‘way in case somethin’ wike dis happened. Wot’s of it 'ou couwd pwobabwy access if fwuffy towd 'ou how.” Nathan speaks “Dad tell me!” I speak knowing he was going to say that. He’s so fucking predicable “Giobanni can teww ‘ou buh on some conditions. Fiwst am goin’ to dwop out of dis wibtawd schoow an’ hewp webuiwd my empiwe.” Nathan shakes his head and speaks “Fine! I hated this palce anyway!” I speak “secondwy am goin’ to stahp wibin’ dis degenewate wifestywe! nu mowe fuckin pown! Bideo games! Ow fuckin’ eatin’ wike poopies!” Nathan looked for hesitant like me saying this was a lot to ask. Finally after a few seconds he speaks “Fine!”

[Nathan Has Joined The Family]

Around 10 minutes had passed. I forced Nathan to take a shower. Put on what little clean clothes he had. And fucking shave that neckbeard and get rid of that fedora! All made him pretty upset. After that I spoke “Get am caw weady am goin’ to take fwuffy an’ few of fwuffy’s fwiends to dah wawehouse. It shouwd stiww be empty dewe’s nao way dey couwd find it!” I hoped the warehouse was still their if I was going to try to rebuild it was the only hope. Finally I told Nathan to meet me at the parking lot he nodded and I left his room. Once outside I saw Jackie and he spoke. “How was things wiff nathan?” I speak “otay” He head back to the trash area and collect he Herd they were all pretty happy to see me and once we left we made it to the parking lot. I saw Nathan car he was cleaning out of all the trash and garbage I head to him and speak “gud am hewe can we aww hop in?” Nathan looks at us shocked “More fluffies! Fuck!” I speak “Yeah! nao open dah doow! awso dah not skinny bwown one am actuwwy jackie just to wet 'ou know.” Nathan opens the door once he hears Jackie has also been reincarnated he speaks “THE FUCK!” Once me, Jackie and the herd are all inside Nathan starts the car and we are all off to the Warehouse. Fin

Thank you for reading my story! I hope to have the next part done in at least a week. And constructive criticism is appreciated.


Nathan is a lost cause. Without Gio telling him what to do, he’s about as useful as genital warts.

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