The Toy Castle (Artist: Squeakyfriend) (Master Post)

Design sheet for Snowcone (protagonist)

Design doodle for Wawa (antagonist) plus some unrelated art - his mane changed design a bit later on.
30358 - albino alicorn artist_squeakyfriend cute doodles help_i_can't_stop hooves robot safe wawa

Wawa artwork to see if he could manage an eerie vibe

Recuperation/All Foals Route doodle made as a palate cleanser after drawing a Game Over image
30434 - artist_squeakyfriend cutebox fluffpile foals hugbox mummah safe snowcone too_many_foals

Response to critique about my fluff-speak. I think I have it down a bit better now, but I still don’t know how this particular sentence would be phrased.
30455 - alicorn artist_squeakyfriend comic doodle fluffspeak safe snowcone wawa

Comic/concept for an ex-smarty being kept and starved in the castle. Also the basis for Wawa liking swing dance music (the song is Panic by Caravan Palace)
30877 - alicorn artist_squeakyfriend captivity safe song unicorn wawa

Comic layout test depicting a scene where the player/Snowcone leaving her foals at a suspiciously open and vulnerable save point means Wawa has killed nearly all of them when she returns
31305 - alicorn artist_squeakyfriend comic foals munsta practice safe snowcone test wawa you_suck_at_babysitting

Unrelated doodle of a taxidermied fluffy, which later became the basis for the Doll Fluffies in one of the areas
31483 - artist_squeakyfriend foal hugbox-ish nap safe stuffy_friend taxidermy warmup_doodle

Wawa is not a good measurement for how fluffy smiles work
32072 - alicorn artist_squeakyfriend expressions happy safe slasher_smile smile snowcone wawa yandere

Another unrelated doodle of Doll Fluffies, which later served as the basis for the Doll Fluffy room
33190 - artist_squeakyfriend creepy doll haunted safe safe_room stuffy_friend taxidermy tears

The image accompanying a query on whether I should post the entirety of the scrapped game concept
34764 - alicorn artist_squeakyfriend doodle query read_description safe wawa

A summary of the scrapped game concept

Concept drawing of the “Wawa traps Snowcone” scene (notably, her back isn’t injured, the blood is from crushing her foals while tumbling down the stairs)
let me out

Game Over CG for dying in the Doll Fluffy room
34766 - artist_squeakyfriend crushing crying explicit game_concept haunted snowcone toy_castle toy_fluffy

Introduction and Game Over CGs for the Cannibal Bat Fluffy boss
34767 - artist_squeakyfriend bat_fluffy cannibalism explicit game_concept innards snowcone toy_castle

Unfinished CGs for first meeting Wawa, potential drowning game over, locating the Doll Fluffy room foal, and Escalator Belt Game Over
34768 - artist_squeakyfriend explicit game_concept machinery sketches snowcone toy_castle toy_fluffy water wawa work_in_progress

Doodle of Snowcone and Wawa
41913 - artist_squeakyfriend doodle safe snowcone wawa

Come on Snowcone you can totally trust him, look at that face
50882 - I'm_very_tired artist_squeakyfriend doodle foals safe snowcone wawa


This is a master post for all art related to Squeakyfriend’s work on the Toy Castle. Discussion on the Toy Castle as a scrapped game concept is here: Scrapped Game Concept: The Toy Castle (Artist: Squeakyfriend) (FB Id: 34765)

The Toy Castle was a horror game that Squeakyfriend was working on while he was in the fluffy pony fandom. At some point he may have scrapped it, but Squeakyfriend kept drawing concept art of this game. The basic premise is of a fluffy mummah having to enter a mysterious “toy castle” rescue a herds missing foals. One of the villains is “Wawa” a mysterious blue alicorn. Other enemies includes zombies, a vampiric bat-fluffy ghosts and perhaps more…

The Toy Castle is a piece that I feel reflects why I consider horrorbox to be a unique box different from “abuse” or “weirdbox”. While one could argue that elements of this story is “weird”, it also seems plausible and at least consistent within its universe. Also, the monsters depicted in this story are not typical of abuse characters.

Squeakyfriend never got round to making the game, but the art was definitely interesting. The comments had more lore but with the death of the booru, it may take a while to find out the context of some of the pictures. Also included is the very last picture Squeakyfriend drew for the fluffy pony fandom, which is at the end of this gallery.

The Toy Castle was mentioned in Part 4 of the Sam Adams Guide, and is another one of Squeayfriend’s many unique ideas and contributions to the fluffy fandom.

Happy Halloween, everyone!


I’m absolutely loving the idea. This would’ve been amazing. Which makes it all the sadder that the concept was scrapped.

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I just like Wawa and the monster fluffies.

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fluffspeak is kind of interesting from a linguistics persepective, having no 1st or 3rd person pronouns they just use the word for their people

it is also slightly infuriating cus its defo not its own language and is just babytalk and baby’s use those pronouns but whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Hell yeah swing dance music is fucking great

Personally i don’t think too hard about fluffspeak and just throw in what sounds …fluffy ish.
Course i generally consider them to be as intelligent as up to a 6 year old child.

…a mentally defect 6 year old child
…that just got concussed with a softball.

But stil smart enough !


Depends on headcanon. My own personal approach is to treat fuffspeak as a fictional development of English, much like how Newspeak is treated as afictional language within the context of Orwell’s 1984. Its an approach I use for one of my larger stories.


It’s babytalk as defined by a board of middle-aged businessmen and interns who have never spent more than 15 minutes around a baby. There’s a good chance they googled it, mistook uwu-speak for genuine baby talk and went from there.

And heck yeah swing dance music IS great.