What's your favorite stories?

Yknow, I don’t really read stories anymore. I used to LOVE them on the booru, but something about how they’re laid out here passes my interest sphere. I’d like to change that. I wish I remembered the stories I was keeping up with on the booru, but they’re foggy in my pea sized brain.

To you, what are your favorite stories on this site? They can be one shots or chapters, abuse or hugbox or other, old or new. Whatever you read that striked your fancy hard.

And thank you in advance for the recommendations.


biggest litterbox by roachqueen


Making a Monster
Tiny Lives
Margaret’s Garden
The Biggest Litterbox
Fenrir’s Story


I love really heavy handed sadbox stuff. And there is a person who only posts on Reddit named Stwumpo (if they are on this site as well, it’s not under that name) who writes super grim sadbox. Bleakbox may be a better word.



The Fourth of July, By Karn
July Babies and Neighborhood Fluffs, by Chikahiro
The Ode to Series by Milky
Edgar’s birthday by Backagain
Smarty Science by Ryou
Subverted Expectations by jimmyhopkins
The Eyebright Stories by Fractalfluff

All of which are damn good stories, run the gamut across all the boxes and are absolutely amazing in their own rite!

Happy reading!


I’ve not wasted a minute of my time reading stuff by @Vanner or @Swindle. I’d check their galleries. I’ll also second Stwumpo on Reddit - its very thoughtful abuse, and anyone who thinks its abuse for abuse’s sake doesn’t engage with Stumpo on what its about - they’ve usually got a point or reaction they’re going for.

The Eyebright Stories by FractalFluff have been reposted here and they’re great. I think that series helped me with the idea that fluffies can be smart after a fashion. That and other stories with successful ferals have been a major influence on my writing.

@BFM101 does quite a bit of abuse and while its not necessarily my thing I still do read some of it. They do good writing, I like the emotional range the stories can have, etc. Again, this is NOT my thing BUT I’m still reading and reacting to it. I think that ought to say something. While there’s a lot of continuity to things I don’t feel beat over the head with it, which is good for me as I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gardel’s bleakbox stuff is thoughtful if you go along with it, and I can recommend it. It kind of hits me like science fiction does.

Want some good comics? Stop right now and check out @FallenAngel007 right now. Start with Invited and go from there. @Jedan has a cool comic that’s well worth your time checking out. @Newb_ronswek has comics GALORE and posts them here kind of assembled rather than a bit at a time like on Reddit (they’re awesome).

@anon68543914’s Heart of Darkness was quite the ride. It hit some hard notes given I’ve got friends and family with PTSD. Some chapters have great art from @infraredturbine too!


Additionally (as I hit a limit on users mentioned):

@Oculusfluffy has their Sam’s Guide that’s fun to read, but also has other short stories worth checking out (like Police Fluffs, Wan Play, etc).

@Karn has a good number of short stories and short serieses that’s worth your while to read.

@Beast has their “The Way Home” series that’s been very good, and one or two stand alone stories worth reading.

I’m going to shamelessly plug my story “July Babies” only because I’m damn proud of it. I’ve got other stuff too but right now that’s the best I have to offer.

Honestly, i’ve read TONS more that’s great but I can’t remember the names right now :frowning:


Hubris which I believe was written by stuwmpo

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Mongola time line.
Fourth of July
Sam and Will
Trying to make it


I was going to mention Stwumpo! Their sadbox is bleak and the abuse stories they wrote are some of my favorites!

Here’s some of my favorites:

“Sky Eye” was the one of the recent stories I’d read, basically wrote about a guy that used a drone with a BB gun attached and went on rampage killing domestic fluffies.

The Van Man

Live and Learn

Party Fluffster


Stwumpo does good hugbox too, although IIRC they said its a bit harder for htem. So, it happens far less often.


Well everyone deserves a look at but not mentioned that I saw.

kersploosh stories about luke and bob and their fluffies.


spoosh’s alice
I think it’s more because of the drawings than the story itself, but I love all the details he put into that story


There was one recently about an experiment where they shaved a fluffy and told it that it was a human child who had deformities. The story has no violence or death and yet is one of the creepiest plots I’ve read recently.


@Milky’s Bad Mummah series was a great mix of shitty mothers and poopie babbeh hugbox which I really enjoyed.

Similarly @Nundevwizer has a bunch of interconnected stories but their Pinky series was a brilliant build-up of just how terrible a Fluffy can be.

And I’m a big fan of @WolfmanRaven’s Knock Knock series, it’s a little harsh with how it portrays the illusion of doing good, but the end result is a shock to the system that I enjoyed immensely.

Oh, and there was another set of stories I meant to mention, but I wouldn’t stoop to shameless self promotion of my own Saga. That be silly.


That sounds neat

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That voiceless one you did art for was pretty wholesome. So was the idiot box one.


Gerald’s Tale
Woes of a new owner
I’m sure there’s others I can’t think of right now.


Especially since someone already did it :wink:

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