3 Bowls and a Daddy - By Lothmar

You sighed with a stretch and turned off the tv and walked into the kitchen and your eyes quickly fell upon your fluffy.

“Wook daddeh, sandaw num aww dah miwky kibbwes. Am gud fwuffy?" Sandalwood, or ‘Sandal’ for short was named for its fur color with a lighter khaki like mane and tale because you were oh so original.

“You sure are bud but you’re quite a messy eater.” You add tearing a sheet of paper towel and getting the bits on the floor and the chin of your fluffy. “I think it’s time for a bath. How’s that sound?”

“Bath!?” Sandal said excitedly dropping his squat frame to a low ‘all fours’ ready to pounce pose. “Sandaw wub baff time! Can swim wiff duckie?" He added curios if his bath time companion would be joining them.

“You sure can buddy. Lets get your mom and brother some food before heading in.” You added reaching into the kibble container and getting a red cup of food out.

Sandals expression became one of reluctance as he regained his normal standing. “Can sandaw an’ daddeh take baff in othah woom? Nu wike baffwoom wiff meanie mummah an’ bwudda."

“Sorry bud, it’s the only bathroom with a tub you know that. Now, you go make good poopies and ill see you in there when you’re done.” You added with a reassuring tussle of Sandals mane.

“O’tay Daddeh…” Your young colt adds waddling over to the litterbox to make good poopies as you make your way to the bathroom.

As you approach the gentle huu’s turn into complaints especially as you open the door. They became more coherent as you flipped on the light and lifted the lid though as you addressed the two. “Evening ashtray, ready to say sorry to Sandal?”

The mare let out a scree of indignation before stating. “Dummie daddeh, ‘ou wet ashtway an’ bestest tidy boww out of dah sowwy toiwet wite nao!” The clay brick red bowl fluffy mare floated in the toilet with her chemical blue bestest baby colt with a white mohawk mane that reminded you of the Ty D bowl mans boat. Ty D bowl having recently been awoken by its mothers sudden screeching.

“Tsk tsk, making demands of daddy. That’s another hour in the sorry toilet and you get to stay there while me and Sandal enjoy a nice warm bath next to you.” You say as you sit on the edge of the tub and put in the stopper and slowly begin to fill the tub.

“Tidy Bowl, you willing to help your mother for me?” You added shaking the cup of kibble as you slowly pour them near the edge of her belly bowl.

As Ty D bowl looked up and held up a hoof in acknowledgement. “O’tay.” Not wanting mommas kibble to get soggy from the sorry toilet he picked up pieces and began the arduous process of delivering a few pieces at a time to mothers waiting maw.

"No sketties buh hab too many tummy owwies, su nu cawe. Nee’ to make miwkies fo’ bestest babbeh. " Mother ashtray grumbled between bites.

You had stripped all but your pants when Sandal entered the bathroom. “Just in time bud.” You added turning off the tub. “Though lets rinse you off first.” You added picking him up and detailing his backside since you did not want to taint the bath you’d be sharing from the start.

“Daddeh can~ can tidy boww take bathie wiff ‘ou an’ poo~ ew sandaw? nu wike sowwy toiwet." Ty D bowl added in envy as it heard its brothers giggling and coo’ing to being wiped down in the sink with warm water. The sorry toilet was cold and he did not want to take another nap in here.

Daddy wasn’t stupid though; he heard the near accidental slip and while the two might have been in here this time for excessively taunting and berating Sandal he certainly remembered three days ago when Ty D bowl flipped his brother over and shat on his stomach bowl because the litter box was too far and was trying to keep him from getting up until he ate it. “You know what, Sandal I’ll let you decide. Would you like Tidy bowl to join us?” The blue colt looked up with expectant eyes initially that quickly turned to squints of intimidation as he tried to stare his brother into compliance.

“Nu daddy. Tidy am meanie.” Sandal added reluctantly as he turned away.

“Well you heard him. Now if you~” but before you could get out the compromise the two began to screech and complain about how it was unfair that you were taking a bath with poopie baby. Poopies belonged in the sorry toilet, good bowl fluffies belonged in the bath, etc. As they ranted you set Sandal on his back to swim and set the duck heading his way in the water as you took off your pants and sat down.

“NUUUUuuuuuuu~” garbled quacking sound as your cheeks rippled. “Nu bad smeww!"

Due to the lip of the tub and the ceiling fan you turned on Sandal would barely notice the smell as you spent the next few minutes farting and playing ‘Ducky friend’ with Sandal, voice narrated by your backside.

Deciding you were ready to enjoy the bath before it became too tepid you stepped in the tub. You and sandal laughed, you repositioned him a few times to get his fur nice and clean and set him on your shoulder while his belly fluff dried enough that he could go back to floating on his back. You let him use the washcloth to help clean behind and in your ears. You then drained a bit of water and touched it up with a little more warm water.

You set him back down to swim as you waited to make sure he wasn’t too heavy to float you opened the ‘daddy’ cabinet and got out your ‘smokey’ sticks and your ‘silly wawa’ bottle. You kept your cigarette aimed high towards the cracked window and ceiling fan.
“You ready to say sorry to Sandal?” You say to ash tray who had begun to shiver which made a slight sloshing sound from the toilet water.

“Nu appowogize to poopie babbeh. Nu say nothin’ wong. Am bad stinky dummy ugwy Babbeh.” The smarty mare added with near hell gremlin like determination over the simple idea of apologizing.

“Then it’s time for Ashes.” You say as you stretch your hand over the toilet and give a tiny tap as you begin to drop ashes and cherries onto her belly fluff. You readied a few stale ones as well you had no intention of smoking that you’d been waiting to use for such an occasion and they began to glow.

You snort between sips of vodka as she screeches and begs her bestest baby for help. Ty D bowl was many things but he certainly wasn’t too bright. When he discovered an ember that was too hot to touch with his hooves naturally, he thought his mouth would work since the spit would cool it.

He screamed as well and rushed to his mothers Milky place and began to suckle to douse the cherry in his mouth and accidentally swallowing the ashes after dousing it.

“Worstest hurties! Why bestest tidy bowl gib owwies tu momma’s miwky pwace?” Ashtray complained and wobbled to the point Tidy shifted to the other nipple as this one was slightly red now from momentarily grazing the hot ash.

“Tidy nu feew pwetty… Mummah, Hewp babbeh.” The queasy fluffy added after a moment and pulled itself away from its mother milk. You sat up and leaned over the tub to look in. “Momma, hewp… Tummy huwties." Tidy added dodging the smoldering fluff, embers and ashes scattered around his mothers stomach fluff he hadn’t been clearing thanks to drinking milk.

You knew things were drawing to an end soon. You set your things aside and picked up Sandal and gave him a quick rub down and sent him out of the bathroom. “Go to daddy’s room, I’ll be in to dry you off and then we’ll go to bed.” You said as you sent Sandal away. He is not a fan of your discipline activities, so he hurries away so as not to hear more dripping slightly as he runs.

“Mummah babbeh nee huggies!” Ty D bowl exclaims between huu’s and scaredy farts complaining about his tummy hurties having finally made it to the neck of his mother.

‘Here it comes.’ You think to yourself.

It ignores its mothers warnings and complaints as it adolescent body weighs down upon her head shifting her weight, threatening to submerge her head below the water light as he grasps on to her muzzle. His ‘delicate’ over pampered system was not prepared for the painful and course substance and so did what fluffies do best. It evacuated its bowels into its mother mouth. If she had not been complaining and jabbering on trying to get through to Ty D bowl in his currently over emotional state it may not have gone into her open mouth. Her will to live and not choke on shit was too strong as she swats Ty D bowl off her face and into the water and he lands, belly down.

She panics and flips over herself. Not only put out her hot belly but to recover Tidy from the sorry toilet since she’d only have to sit up to get out of the water that be about armpit high. Unfortunately she flipped on top of him and accidentally pushed him to the bottom as she flips over, her stubby legs reaching and eventually clasp ahold of him and for a moment there is hope. Until she feels a sudden pressure on the back of her neck. Daddy is holding her down so that she cannot right herself. She fights as long as she can but only ends up watching as Ty D bowl drowns first and she pulls the corpse into a hug before succumbing herself.

You wait another thirty seconds after she stops struggling and lift her slightly by the mane. You reach into the bottom of the toilet not risking a clog due to the size of the foal and raise it up so you can hold both with one hand before you flush the toilet and use the rotating water to rinse them both before depositing them in the trash can and pulling the drain on the tub. You get out of the tub and give your forearms and hands a good scrub down as the water drains before drying off and taking the can to the garage and dump it.

“Time to get ready for bed.” You say closing the garbage can lid.


That was pretty creative love the whole toilet bowl angle


Hah amazing jeep up the good work.
edit: goddammit I meant keep


. . .~makes mental note about jeeps~


Yeah I was surprised i’d never seen/read someone use a toilet as a sorry box before so I knew I had to use it.

Allmost didn’t put in the whole farting on the toilet part too till I remembered " Asschwitz by:Foxhoarder"


I honestly expected the owner to leaver her alive with the dead foal for a while… then drown her afterwards.


I considered it~ but didn’t want to put sandal through two separate incidents of ‘oh no family died’.

Best to rip that Band-Aid off and move on.


Not a fan of hellgremlins (obviously), but this did a good job skipping right to abusing the fluffy rather than the reader. The abuse itself was creative and enjoyable. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow thats a good way for bowl fluffy punishment and the comic illustration. :joy::grin:

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Nice. B)