Cast out of Eden # 1 - 2 (by FallenAngel)

This is just a stand alone story, since Path is almost at its end, posting few short stories for a while.



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What an irresponsible fluffy owner! Abandoned domestic fluffies are one of the big reasons that contributes to fluffy feral problems.


Damn, I get it, a knocked up pet is an issue, but going from “I have a pet fluffy” to “Fucking shitrat I’ll kill you” always strikes me as either a deranged asshole or a hypocritical SJW who only wants attention and praise.


This is gonna be good.


I don’t know who’s side i need to take


Can’t wait to binge Path i quit reading it so I could have it all in one go. Anyway love this little short can’t wait to see where it goes.


If anything he should’ve just given her some Foal-B-gone and kick the intruder out after cutting off his balls and tell her only good fluffies get babbehs or hell just put them in the safe room and lock the door to leave them to die. At that point they’re not worth the time or money.


A reasonable response you got there m8.


I gonna predict the ending. We see Shitrat weeks or months later, dirty, emaciated, and sad. She had lost everything, her special friend, children, and nest. The world has not been kind to her. At first, things were okay, she had her special friend and tummy babies, a fairly safe nest, stable food, and water supply. But she did miss her old house, it was warm, clean, and safe, she begins to miss even kibble and especially skitti, even her dummy daddy that said hurtful things to her, but she still thinks of having babies is still worth losing all of it.

When her babies were born, Shitrat sees having babies isn’t that easy like she watched on fluffy TV, it’s demanding and hard to raise them, but she still thinks this was worth it.

One day her special friend never comeback,(got killed) and things went downhill for Shitrat and her foals. Exterminators, abusers, or animals found their nest, and Shitrat was forced to flee, one of her foals was killed in the escape, so begin Shitrat and her foals suffering, she suffered and lost one foal after another, unstill she had none left.

Shitrat wondered aimlessly unstill she found her old daddy in a bigger house(he got a really good promotion), he had new fluffies, they had babies, Shitrat’s eyes begin to water, she remembers her old daddies words of No babies right now, she could have had babies, her special friend, and this bigger house if she had just waited, she was about to go to her old daddy, but remembered his words of giving her forever sleepies if he ever saw her again so she turned around and just wondered off, until she collapsed and said, wan die… THE END!


“Whewe am spciaw fwends teebee?”


I’m with the owner on this… She shoulda been a little more patient… Plus she kept asking and asking… Really wore on his nerves, then she brings in a shitrat stallion of unknown origins… Least he gave her a choice. She went bitch mode.


Y’know, the owner brought this on himself.

He knew Lisa wanted foals. He left her at home, alone, completely unattended and free to roam the house, or at least the first floor, and, the cherry on top, the door leading outside has a goddamn fluffy door on it, which he didn’t even bother to remove or lock shut.

Either the owner did this on purpose or he drank a lot of lead-based paint growing up.

This is FluffyCommunity, so either explanation is acceptable.


Another Fluffy mare brought down by The Babbeh Curse. Lisa needs to face some more punishment for her actions


Why have a cat door when you don’t want your fluffy to have contact with potential sexual partners? :man_facepalming:


If I had to guess he legit thought she listened. Probably just hoping she is at least.


Ya know what I would of done? Just made her have an abortion and fix her so she can’t have kids anymore. If you don’t listen, your not allowed to have kids, because I’m not caring for them and ya clearly don’t care about me and think im stupid because I keep telling you,”NO!” So now the misbehaving costs you being unable to have babbehs.

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Usually when your so fatigued after they don’t listen, ya just stop caring and just want it gone.


One of the big problems with humans in the fluffyverse is that they expect their pets to listen. Sure they understand English, but they’re driven by animal instinct. Fluffyies have notoriously poor willpower and their owners constantly set them up for failure.


Indeed. So in this sense i just would of made her have an abortion and get her fixed. Ya don’t listen and cause I didn’t lock the door ya decide to break that trust to have kids anyway? Lol I’m taking responsibility cause say good bye to ever XD


Yeah, if abandoning is something you plan to do then you’re responsible for teaching them basic survival. Otherwise they may disrupt the physical and cultural development of the Ferals.