New Fluffy Part 4 by FluffyOD

Part 3: New Fluffy Part 3 by FluffyOD

Gonna have to break up the conclusion into several parts. The image was getting too big to add on to. Part 4.5 is next. Get hype.

Part 4.5: New Fluffy Part 4.5 by FluffyOD


Fuck this prick, he can’t even claim Fluffy stupidity, he’s actively trying to murder the wife and kid.

Even if the next part reveals he’s not responsible, he still tried because he’s an envious little shit who never learnt to share. Kinda think he deserves his treatment now.


I would suggest adding the hellgremlin tag (I don’t know how else you would describe this fluffy)


Thats weird jealousy over the edge for a fluffy :scream:


Yeah, #hellgremlin and maybe #human-abuse? I don’t think human death happens very ofteh, so…


No clue where the story will go from here, but please keep “Rule 7” from the “Site Rules” in mind.
Specifically, where it says, “The standard of censorship is anything that poses a risk of normalizing harm of animals or humans in real life.”

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Beat fluffies, not people

(This applies to characters as well as the people in our community)


@Virgil & @StoneRouge, don’t worry I’m not a maniac. No humans will be harmed in these comics (on screen). But as we already found out in Part 2, the wife does die of complications from burns. I think part 5 will be the actual conclusion. Also, it’s up:
And @FallenAngel007, I’ve seen fluffies do diabolical shit on the regular. Killing “poopie babbehs,” eating each other, you name it. Being jealous and hateful is norm for these things, no?


Okay, now I see. That’s fine.

Kids, let’s say it together
“Depands on the headcanon!”


Is it OK that I don’t find any satisfaction in smarty abuse because it’s too shallow and not evil enough?


Honestly I prefer when the fluffy is not necessarily deserving of the abuse, makes it funnier, but I kind of listened to the voice of the people when making this comic and they initially thought the rancher was a whacko, that’s when I had the idea of the Fluffy killing the wife on purpose.
My favorite comic I think is “Learning to Count With Uncle Wolfram” by @wolfram_sparks
Perfectly encompasses what I love about this shit. Fucking hilarious.


Don’t listen to the voice of the people. Follow your wicked heart. Even when it tells you to listen to the voice of the people.


I will do… anything… you ask.
But yeah, just this once I did like a vote or something for the ending in Part 2.5. I really wanted to justify the rancher plucking that MF’s balls off in Part 1. Since I found this site, besides the New Fluffy saga, I’ve only done one other comic so far:
This might be a smarty comic you’ll like.

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Well, yeah
Mostly because of the doomed foals he left behind, but it still counts


@Mr_Owl , how many stabs does it take to get to get to the fluffy center of a fluffy foal?


One good punch against a table


ay ya. seems like someone needs to get their fluffy butt beaten bald. a dog will be a much better pet. make this little shit into its chewtoy.

Goddamn peak hellgremlin over here.

that shitrat just put in the yandere mode.
too bad for him that he might get electrocuted with that cable, let’s just remember that fluffies are not actually too smart to think that possibility.

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