The folly of hope - Chapter 5 (Commission for RandomAirPeople) (InfraredTurbine)

Chapter 5 is here!
Hope you like it!
probably posting the next chapter soon and then chapter 7 will be the final one. (It may continue later who knows xD…


As I was talking to RandomAP this week, other ppl can commission scenes for this series too, as long as they’re abuse focused only. He’s totally ok with it and so am I :slight_smile:

For commissions, illustrations and so on, come and talk, I have fresh coke and chicken nuggets!




Been adoring these so far.
This format is extremely brutal and I love it.



So the two “bad colors” (grass and teal are bad now?) are kept alive, the two decent colors were left to rot? Blue was sold I suppose, bit the rest of the original batch remain as well as a dead one from a later batch?

Are those four all later ones who just have the same colors as three of the older ones? Does this shelter charge actual money that the new owner needs to make back off her production? The size of the brown and grass one suggest they were actually allowed to grow up, so why is the owner suddenly counting pennies in regards to cost vs output? Are they just frustrated but didn’t actually care before? Was keeping two an attempt to keep her stress levels down as newer ones were taken?

All four are out of her sight? She’s been bred since then, with some earning a profit, but why purge the entire first batch? Are the two left alive as incentive for obedience? It has to have been at least a month and maybe a few days, but they’re still screaming on the hooks? The two are left to rot so she can smell them, but the owner doesn’t feel offended by the odor or eventual insects? She kept her front hooves but is in a position where she’ll likely suffer heart failure during pregnancy as they fill with stagnant blood and eventually begin to rot? She’s somehow still bleeding, or was she just pillowed after another pregnancy?

I’m thinking way too much about this, but the logistics of breeding practices put my mind into actual business mode.




I mean, it wouldn’t be “The folly of hope” if the ending was happy, would it?


one of those “oh hey being a breeder it’s easy, I can do that, let’s give it a try” about this owner would answer all that




Hahaha I reiterate I love this series :rofl:


If she’s working with a 50/50 success rate then I can see the appeal of trying her out, but I doubt she’s worth the effort

Just milkbag her now and save time


There is one left in the pipeline, lol.


Btw, this image is a double Wolfram-Sparks reference. The entire format is based on an adoption gone wrong image he did ages ago, and the fluffy is also inspired on his recent (unfinished work) “Toffee” lol. Its a Wolfception.


Pisses me off to no end too. If you treat a fluffy decently there’s a fairly good chance of making back what you spent on them.

It really doesn’t take much. Don’t beat’em, feed’em normal kibble regularly, leave them alone when they need it, and pay them a little attention. BOOM!!! Decent saleable foals.

Any kind of abuse reduces their value, lifespan, and the chance of " pwetty babbehs ".




The contrast between her old owner and new owner… Ouch.

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Love it! The look of utter despair and hopelessness in mares eyes, begging for death. chef’s kiss.

Look at the worsening state of the shelter, love that detail. How the next to go is the “about me” description, instead of being cute, it becomes just basic information, no more Hi, I’m loving and all that stuff.

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My friend the way you’re looking at things through a hugbox lens where fluffies are real pets. In pure abuse/industrial abuse you have to look at fluffies as an insanely cheap, endlessly renewable commodity to exploit by cranking out as much low quality product as possible. In works like these fluffies are made to be brought cheap, used then discarded so the cycle can start over. Take a look at “Mcpets” by Gardel, they do a better job illustrating this than I can
McPets, part 1 [story by Gardel, art from babbehteef, Quickhorn, am_onwy_wittle_babbeh, WhatTheFluff, HerdKing, Carpdime, Wolfram Sparks, Pawn and Teyene)


I get where you’re coming from. And I’ll check those out. Thanks for the recommendations.

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Err, no?

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