The Harwell Homestead p10 [by Luciferthefluffyreaper25]

(Hey yall heres another chapter of the tale of Atlas and the Harwell Homestead! Hope yall enjoy)

As Steven and I arrived at his home we both could tell we were in for one of a time, the tall grass sheltered up from what horrid sights the house hid from us but it could not hide the smell. The smell of that house was pure vile, and it got worse as I approached the basement, apparently his metal basement door wasn’t able to contain the fluffy menaces as it had been knocked down off of its hinges and onto the floor, after discovering this I decided I’d help steven move his stuff out first as it was going to get VERY messy once I started exterminating the furry bastards, we encountered a few of them as we moved stevens clothes from his room, which by some grace of god was the only place the fluffies hadn’t corrupted with a layer of shit, vomit, and blood. Steven looked to be saddened by the state that he had left things in but honestly i was just worried about what I’d face down there. After we gathered all the stuff he wanted or needed it was time that the hunt began.
After loading up the last box into his car I begsn to grab my weapons or atleast more of them, I always had my sidearm on me at this point no matter what, but I figured id needed my trusty cleaver, my handy dandy flashlight, and a long wicked sharp combat knife just in case as well. I wasn’t looking forward to this but it had to be done or I atleast had to stop them from getting food or from getting out to end this plague as if any more of those mutant monsters did get out it’d be one hell of a mess not only for me but for Steven, their creator as well.

As I gave a reassuring thumbs up to Steven I sent out into the deep dark abyss that was his basement, looking around I could see the large amount of fluffy corpses and piles of shit everywhere, I could see more and mlre destruction as I went deeper and deeper, but as I creeped into Stevens main lab area I saw it a dark black fluffy with eyes of red, munching on the corpse of another fluffy, as I shined my light at the area to see more and more fluffies munching on corpses of their own kind, their coats stained with blood, their eyes bloodshot and darting as I got closer, they seemed worse than ferals, almost even dehumanized of their human like properties. As I got closer they didn’t speak to me at all or try to run up to me for attention. They snarled at me, gnashed their teeth, even snapped at me as they all funneled out of the room slowly inching towards me with a murdererous look in their eyes and while I felt bad for most of them, after the first one lunged at me I soon forget any ideas of mercy for them. The first fluffy to lung at me was theb original black and red fluffy that I first noticed but like how quickly I noticed it, it quickly died under my heel as I stomped down on its head giving a sickening crunch underneath, there was no screaming from it or the other few fluffied around it, it seemed they never learned that fluffy behavior. Soon I had squashed, stabbed, or punted the rest of the herd into but what I saw next terrified even me, as I walked into the room that had the label, testing chambers I saw it the 5 locked boxes that I assumed once contain the monsterfluffs when steven worked on them, but behind me something caught my attention, a chirp and the calling out of “mistah…”
I turned behind me gun drawn to see a green and red mare, with her a single similar but reversely colored foal. The mare tried to shush the foal but to no success as it ran up to me and gently greeted me.

“Hewwow mistah wiww ‘ou take fwuffie an’ his mummah home wiff 'ou?” it said in a weirdly polite tone.

“Does you still need your moms milk bud?” I ask gently trying to see if he had any teeth or not, to which I could see that he infact did. Though as I continued to observe the foal the mother obviously didn’t like this as she charged at me to the dismay of the foal and after gently kicking away it’s mother the foal seemed conflicted but before he could see I slammed my heel into her skull and then gently picked him up as I checked out the rest of the corners for any signs of life, as I looked into the feeding areas I could tell fluffies had gotten greedy and ended up causing lots of others to starve as Steven was worried that the feeding system would’ve sustained a small herd for ages, but I guess he was wrong but judging on the pure amount of bodies all across the basement. My thought process was soon interupted by the foal talking.

“Mistah am ‘ou takin’ fwuffie wiff 'ou?” Sure bud I am. While he seemed to possess the monsterous genes that its father I feel maybe I or even Steven could nurture it into something better, after Doing my final checks and grabbing most of the non destroyed research papers for Steve I headed back upside to my truck. Covered in a ton of shit and blood at this point Steven looked at me disapprovingly as he saw the foal.

“Dude… what’s that?” He said as he grabbed the papers from my other hand.

“Oh I found this little guy but it wasn’t aggressive as the others, so I figured I’d leave its fate up to you…” I said waiting for an answer.

“Hewwo mistah” the fluffy said to Steven.

“That’s Expirement 2456’s child aka the monster in your basement… and just like him all his other kids start out nice until they get a taste for blood, so I don’t think it’d be wise to leave it alive.” He said in a sad tone.

“Fwuffie am happy to go to new housie!” It said painfully unaware of its current situation.

"Oh ok I said as I set the gently set it down on the ground and gave it a quick and merciful stomp, making no noise other than a small sickening crunch.

I let out a sigh after as Steven kept looking though the notes.

“You know your feeding system is entirely empty they broke into it and greedilly it all leading to a ton of starvation. The only ones left was a small group of cannibal fluffies along with that baby and its mother.” I said to him.

“So there were no non-aggressive survivors?” He asks with a sad tone in his voice.

“Not that I know of but i could always check the rest of your house” I offered.

“Yeah I had a few nurse mares in the lab, you didn’t find any pink fluffy corpses did you?” He said meekly.

“Nope just colors like green, red, and black.” I said back in response.

“Oh those were test subject colors so I guess the ones who went deep into my lab just never left.” He said continuing to look through the notes I grabbed for him.

“Oh well Im gonna head inside and see if there’s any in the rooms we didn’t check did you wanna join me for that?” I said before i put my respirator back on.

“Sure but can you put the basement door back in place just in case?” he asked.

“Yeah I actually planned to wedge it in the doorway” I said as we made our way back into the hell hole of a house. I lifted the heavy as shit bed off the ground and wedged it into the doorway area to prevent anything in the basement from leaving and then with Steven in tow we began to sweet the house. We had checked over half of the house before we reached a room where we could hear huhuing and the sounds of stallions going “enf enf enf” which as we looked eachother never meant anything good. As I slightly opened the door I saw a 2 fat looking black stallions sexually abusing 2 pink mares who were definitely not having a good time. I drew my sidearm and knife after I handed Steven the flashlight to hold as I bravely entered the room.

“Bad speshuw huggies stahp meanie speshuw fwend!!!” One of the mares whined before it saw me.

“Nice mistah pwease hewp nuwsie, nuwsie nu wan’ bad speshuw huggies” she whined as the stallion who was pressing his weight against the poor begging mare.

After Steven nods I use my foot to kick the stallion off who seemed pissed we were interupting his “good feels” as a normal stallion would say but he said nothing except let out a demonic screech one that demonic creatures in ghost stories would make… it shook me to the core and it shook Steven even harder as he just stood there in horror as it began to charge at him, I however wasn’t tolerant of that bull and with my sidearm drawn I turned his face into a red mist before I told Steve to look away.

“This is gonna get messy step out for a sec” I said before i shut the door behind me and unloaded another round into the other stallion turning where his stomach used to be into a red mist, and as he flopped over dead his body began to leak puss and other disgusting fluids onto the ground.

After that I went to check up on the two mares in the room the second mare we saved sadly had already been dead for a long time her body cold to the touch however the mare who called herself Nursie seemed to be ok besides some pulled muscles and some obviously infected wounds, after check on her she pipped up sounding like she was pleading for her like.

“Nice mistah nu gib foweba sweepies tu nuwsie, nuwsie am gud fwuffie nuwsie sweaws!!” She said in a begging tone, with fear in her poor eyes.

I gently patted her head and said "I know your a good fluffy it’s why I saved you hun now lets get you out of here and back to your owner.

“Daddeh steben am hewe?” She said sounding excited and joyful.

“Mhm I’m gonna pick you up and take you to him” I said as I gently picked her up and took her out of the room to the nervously pacing Steven who looked relieved to see the pink ball of fluff in my arms.

“N-nursie you saved her…?” He said sounding shocked

“Daddeh Steben!” Nursie said cheerfully as she was placed in his awaiting arms.

"They were a nurse mare fora reason so I figured it’d be fine to keep alive but yeah it seems their food lasted them a lot longer than the basement fluffies, she doesn’t look starving just a bit malnourished. Let’s just get her into a kenel so we can find anymore surviors I said before we took her back to my truck to put her in a kennel to transport her back to my house.

“What about the other mare” he asked as we headed back outside.

"No dice Steven she’d been dead for a long time the cause looked to be a infection of some kind. I said as I grabbed the kennel from the back of my truck.

“Hey Nursie what happened to the babies you had under your care?” He asked gently as Nursie immediately broke into tears at the mention of the baby’s she was given to watch.

“Dah babbehs wewe giben bad huggies too… by othah meanie monstews, nuwsie twied to sabe dem buh nuwsie nu stwong… am sowwy daddeh steben.” She said while sobbing.

“Its ok Nursie I’m not mad at you I’m just happy that your ok” he said giving her some reassuring pets.

After giving her a few minutes and some gentle pets she finally calmed down enough for me and Steve to formulate where to check for survivors next in the huge house that Steven once lived in.

“The door next to the room we found Nursie in is the foal room, there we can check for survivors but I’m no t confident but we can see if we can find the foal enfer” he said sounding serious and focused.

“Yeah that works for me do you want me to uh do the dirty work if we find the bastard?” I say as I grab a spare magazine and my silencor for my side arm from my truck and reload my sidearm.

“Um yes please…” he said with slight frown.

I expected that answer from him to be honest and honestly I wasn’t apposed to killing more fluffies as I knew Steven would struggle to kill his own creations, I mean I never was squeamish of death as I’d often help my grandpa butcher animals from raising lifestock or hunting that I’d do with my grandpa and dad sometimes. It’d been a long time since I’d done that and well since they were both gone but to be fair it didn’t matter. I had fond memories of my parents atleast unlike Steven and his dad, a topic me and him rarely talked about for good reason. Honestly the sadness from last night reminded me of the night, the rushed terrified knocking, the terrified look in his eyes… It was a dark time for him but he’s since gotten past it but as Steven finishes his questions for Nursie we shut the car door gently and begin to head back in.

“Ok lets go find ourselves some trouble!” I said after a cracking of my knuckles before we head back to the hallway, as we approach the door we hear fluffy talking which is a semi good sign depending on what fluffy we found behind that door.

“Daddeh Steben nu comin’ back to sabe 'ou, nao teww smawty whewe dah nummies am ow smawty gib ‘ou wowstes’ sowwy hoofs ebah” the fluffy from inside said.

As I peaked in I saw a large red fluffy with two semi large orange fluffies surrounding a green fluffy, as I cracked the door further before spotting a lot of dead foals all across the room. As I fully open the door I was spotted by the red smarty with a orange mane. It seemed to be happy to see me and tried to play a cute act.

“Hewwo mistah can 'ou gib smawty nummies? smawty am su hab tummy owwies his tummy gib hab owies” he said with puppy dog eyes.

Judging from how fat the bastard was I’d guessed the asshole hadn’t missed a meal in his life.

“I don’t have any food right now bud” I say to him wondering what his reaction is going to be.

“Den get some food for smarty!” He said with an shitty bratty attitude in his voice.

“I don’t think so bud” I say as I noticed the two other matching orange and green fluffies were still trying to corner the fluffy with green coat and a blue mane.

“Nu gib smawty nummies wite nao ow ewse!” He shout as he charges at my foot.

Without hesitating I draw out my side arm and shoot a single at him and then I quickly dispatch the two matching fluffies as they charge at me as well. The green fluffie sits there shaking quietly looking up at me in fear as Steven walks in and I hear him squeal happilly as he sees the green fluffy.
“Clover!” He cheers as he runs towards the green dirty fluffy.

“Daddeh Steben!” It says as it runs to him happily.

“Hey Steven go ahead and take him back to the truck, I’ll go check the last two rooms” I say to him as I leave the room as I see him give the fluffy a gentle hug.

“Ok man bring any other non-aggressive ones back with you” he said with a slight smile on his face.

After leaving the room I opened up the next door to find just a lot of dead fluffies that seemed to die of unclean living conditions like the rest of the fluffies. I searched the room and didn’t find any surviors but as I entered the last room with the tag of Feeding room as I slightly opened the door to peek into it. I saw quite a few fluffies waiting in line as I herd a fluffy who called itself smarty parked orders.

“Soon mummah am giben mowe nummies den dat dummeh fwuffies! Smawty speshuw fwend nee’ mowe nummies!” He shouts angrilly at the fluffies in line and the fluffies eating, making them move away from the feeder.

I take a count of the total fluffies and I can see 4 earth fluffies in line for food with the same dull green / gray colors, the smarty who looked to be a pure white unicorn and what I think is a toughie next to him and the pregnant mare which I can’t see but I’m fairly certain shes in the room as well. I kind of know how this will play out but I wanted to see how the 4 fluffies would act and hopefully not cause the mare to miscarry as well. So I sat and waiting to observe the fluffies for a bit longer as I was curious to how they would act while they all ate. I watched as the 4 earth fluffies got small amounts of food before being shoved out of the way after the toughie had deemed the fluffy to have gotten enough food. After about fifteen minutes of waiting I was joined by Steven again who saw me crouched and observing the fluffies in the feeding room

“What are you watching?” He whispered to me after putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Just some fluffies, there’s one unicorn smarty, one toughie, five other fluffies including the smarties special friend, I’m thinking the 4 earthies would fit perfectly into the herd at home, and maybe we could take the smartie and the mare who most likely had BMS as most feral mothers did.” I say to him.

“Want me to grab the last two kennels from the truck?” He said curiously.

“Yeah go ahead I’ll keep watch” I say as I continued to watch the small group.

While Steven was gone I watched the smarty grab even more food and take it to his mate who seemed to have woken up and was upset with the quality off the food.

“Speshuw fwend dese nummies nu taste pwetty, bwin’ soon mummah sketties” she said while yelling at him.

“Speshuw fwend we nu hab sketty dis aww dah nummies we hab…” he said sounding disappointed she wasn’t happy.

“Fwuffie am soon mummah, fwuffie nee’ sketties fo’ bestes’ babbehs!” she yelled back at him as she spit the food she could reach back at him.

He then simply walked away as she continued to yell angrilly at him. Which told me she was in the immobile stage of pregnancy. After that Steven came back with the two kennels. We can leave them all alive right now but the bms mare was gonna be a pain in the ass. I’ll go in and see how things will go as I do still owe Lime more herd mates. Steven gives me a funny look.
“You made a deal with him? Why?” He asked.

“Well there are 3 shiney fluffies that actually survived because of him and they are still alive the this morning when I checked on em so you know it’s just giving him a reward of more friends” I say with a shrug.

I then slowly open the door gaining the attention of the smarty first.

“Who am dewe? dis am smawty’s wand go 'way” the smarty said before I emerged from the open door.

“Hey there fluffies I’m here to come get you for your daddy Steven” I say gently as I stand in the door.

“Smawty nu wike daddeh steben, daddeh steben am dummeh!” He said back to me with puffed cheeks as the rest of them cheered for being potientally required until they were silenced by the smarty and his toughie.

“Well then those of you who want to come with me to see your daddy Steven go ahead and get in this” I say grabbing one of the kennels from behind the door. While the fluffies seemed hesitant at first they all eventually went into the safe kennel before the smarty and his toughie could protest or bully them into staying. I then quickly took the kennel out of the room leaving it with Steven and grabbed the other kennel for any remaining fluffies. As I re-enter the room the smarties toughie charges at me so I draw my side arm and make his face into a fine red mist to the horror of the smartie.

“Nu why mean mistah take smawtys hewd, smawty dah bestes’ weadah ebew!!!” He grumbled as he stared me down.

“I’ll do the same thing to him with my human magic bud but I don’t want to be forced too, so if you want I can take you and your special friend with us too?” I said to the smarty who began to think over my offer.

“Can smawty keep his hewd an’ get nummies?” he said in response to my offer.

“Sure you can” I said lying through my teeth knowing we would most likely be a test subject for some experiment of Stevens.

So after that he willingly climbed into the kennel as I went to grab his mate who was as big as a watermelon at this point, she looked insanely overfed and as I picked her up she yelled and wiggled her hooves around like crazy try to escape my grasp but to no avail.

“Nu put soon mummah down, uppies am bad fo’ tummy babbehs!” She said in protest to being picked up.

After I put her into the kennel with her mate she continued to complain and whine constantly about being hungry, needing to go to the bathroom, or about being cramped, or about something that’s bad for her babies which got exhausting and irritated me greatly as me and Steven began the walk to the car.

“So is that all you need from here?” I say to Steven.
“Yeah I got all my valuables and anything in my lab is trashed beyond repair at this point” he said as we reached our vehicles. After We finished loading up me and Steve talked a bit and awkwardly tried to offer a hug, but I stopped him.

“Steven I’m covered in a ton of fluffy crap, blood, and fluff and bits how about we wait till we get home and cleaned up” I said with a chuckle.

“I don’t care Atlas” he says with a laugh as he gave me a small hug. “Thanks for your help man… I’m sorry things kinda… you know developed into this you know cesspool of ew.” Steven said to me awkwardly.

“Hey it’s not problem Einstein besides maybe a smaller scale lab would be a better idea, I mean I have an empty shed you would work in” I said with a smile.

“Yeah I might try more inventing stuff instead of science stuff.” He said confidently.

“Hey whatever you wanna try but lets get headed home so you can unpack and so I can process our new fluffy friends but you get the option of what you want to keep in the house but I want final say, and before we even go there the pregnant one will have to stay inside but the smarty will go outside indefinitely as I’m not letting Orange Peel and Angel near him.” I say confidently.

“Yeah no I’d wanna keep only Nursie and the Clover as they are good around foals and if we need I can give Nursie a medicine to make her lactate so she can take care of the bitches foals.” He said sounding happy with my rules.

“Alright dope but we are gonna need to bath all of them as well or atleast the ones who arent pregnant and are going to be staying inside.”

“Yeah we can do that it will be a fun adventure though” he said with a chuckle before we parted ways to head back home after a long and less disappointing day as the past few…

(Hey all I just wanted to say thanks for all the positivity and support as I continue to hone and improve on my writing style! As always give me input and pointers to improve or how you think I could do better with the story as I feel I’ve been unclear in the beginning but now I am adding a lot more detail that actually sticks and matters to the overall story, and I am slowly getting more and more comfortable so there will be a lot more fluffy dialog and interactions with the house fluffies (aka the ones that live in the house) and maybe even expand on the herd of fluffies and give more interactions in future chapters. As while this is my first story of sorts this won’t be my last (atleast i hope not) So with that said I plan on using this story as a way to improve to pave a better product for later stories that I’ll write sometime in the near future! Anyways thanks again for all the support and kind words!)

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