Chapter Index: The Toy Castle (Novelization) (By: SqueakyFriend)

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The Toy Castle (novelization)

A horrorbox story about Snowcone, a feral mare who gets trapped within a strange castle while looking for her herd’s stolen foals. Based on a since-scrapped game concept, I’ve had so many ideas for scenarios and events that I decided to incorporate them into a novelization.

Note: Fluffies will get hurt or killed throughout the story, sometimes graphically. As the game concept has many different endings, Snowcone’s choices are not the only ones available; this is simply a depiction of one of the possible outcomes.

Chapter Index

Prologue: Doll’s House
Chapter 1: A Fluffy Named Water
Chapter 2: Wire-thin Walkways
Chapter 3: Fluffy Dolls
Chapter 4: Trapdoor
Chapter 5: Dead Herd
Chapter 6: The Starved Prisoner
Chapter 7: A Veil of Hatred
Chapter 8: Flesh-Eater
Chapter 9: Wawa’s Finale
Chapter 10: Wish Granter
Epilogue: Those Left Grieving

Side Story: Wawa’s Visitors

A shorter tale that goes over Wawa’s past and just why he did such cruel things.

Chapter 1: Mayflower
Chapter 2: The Herd
Chapter 3: Coward
Chapter 4: “Friend”
Chapter 5: White Pegasus
Chapter 6: The Unforgivable

Chapter illustrations


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Wonderful story! I can see how the game would have played. Excellent characters, good pace. I am looking forward to more.

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