Hasbio catalogue - (A RandomAirPeople & InfraredTurbine project) (Commissioned)

Hello Everyone,
So, this is maybe the bravest and biggest project I made until now.
RandomAirPeople basically came to me and said some ideas, and using them, he wanted to transform all of them into a Hasbio oficial catalogue™! It took me some gooood days to draw it all and put everything in place (basically I spent the whole Sunday 5am- 8 pm doing the final touches xD)

Seriously, it may look simple, but basically felt like a Thesis for the University of Fluffies of the United States o_o, so if you like it, or have something you’d like to say about it, I’d like to read it so much! :smiley:

I’m waaaay happy with the result, and so it RandomAirPeople.
I’d like to say in advance, that we asked some people from the community, if we could feature their oc characters in our project, the ones who answered in time are here, and the others, it’s gonna be due for the next edition xD sorry, but I do appreciate every single of you that let me put your OC character here :3
This is for you, Fluffy community!
So let’s stop the talk and show some actions:

Special thanks to: RandomAirpeople/Stwumpo / FoxHoarder /FallenAngel/Spoosh - All of them were asked permission to have their characters shown here, except for spoosh of course, so for him it’s just a tribute.

HD link in a bigger size:
Commission for RandomAirPeople - Album on Imgur

For Commissions, feel free to pm me here or on reddit, any time :slight_smile:
~ InfraredTurbine


Love it ah saw Acorn enjoying the tv :blush: love the comfort products :heart_eyes:


You absolute madmen, you actually did it.

This is great, props to you both.


I have two questions:

  1. Do you guys ship these to hidden orphanages in the middle of a haunted forest?
  2. Can I take your entire stock?

why not ?

ha$bio alway$ have stock$ for all your nece$$itie$


Thanks for recognizing what a scourge spwowin babbehs can be. They typically get way too much leeway.


First of all, this is outstanding work.

I am NOT saying that Hasbio should, in every headcanon, sell products to help prepare a fluffy for cooking.

I AM saying that if they DID, I would suggest the following:

  • Adult-sized and foal-sized Knifey Game Legboard to immobilize the adult fluffy before harvesting
  • Adult-sized and foal-sized skinning harness to help with skinning (before or after slaughtering the fluffy)
  • Fluffy slaughtering knife (razor sharp so they don’t feel it until they’re already bleeding profusely and are light-headed from loss of blood to the brain), along with matching skinning knife and butchering cleaver
  • Cookbooks: The Art of Cooking Fluffies by FluffiesAreFood, The Fried Foal by Foal Fryer, Fluffburger by Hanori Yamamoto. Possibly in a three-book set with slipcase.
  • Chirpie skewers - in a kit of 6 long skewers for multiple chirpies and one short, handled skewer for giving each chirpie another stab to let the steam out when cooking
  • Fluffy oyster snips - For painfully crushing the scrotum of an adult male fluffy right near the taint and then severing the entire sack with a spring-loaded blade. It’s the easy, relatively blood-free, but, and this bears emphasis, extremely painful way to harvest fluffnuts for frying up.
  • Wifi-enabled decapitation collars. While sold as a convenience, the actual market for these is persons who, due to disability, cannot properly dispatch a fluffy with a slaughtering knife.

If you want me to write up copy for these, I’ll be glad to do it. Unfortunately I can’t illustrate worth a damn.


you know, I’m not a fan of cooking them, but I’d glad be commissioning for ya every twisted recipe you wanted xD
for the next version of the catalogue (NOT too early) we’ll use ideas from the community as well :V


As long as my fluffs don’t see this then I don’t mind…I don’t think I can handle all of them becoming brats.


This is massive! Great job on that one :smiley:


Poor Racecar! What did he do to deserve a shock collar? What could he do to deserve a shock collar? :laughing:

If you ever want a free proofreader, hmu.


he was going too fast
someone needed to do that so he wouldn’t scape the house !!


i love the style in what is in made, srsly it gives out good vibes


thanks man, I even followed some color feelings to show each section of the project :smiley:


When I saw you were planning this, I didn’t imagine a work so extensive. There are great ideas there, congratulations to both and thanks for posting!


Thanks Tom, ever since I arrived here again, you have welcomed me, and I’m always happy to see you liking my stuff :slight_smile:


I saw him too! It made me smile :slight_smile:


(This is RandomAirPeoples)

It came out better than I could ever hope for! thank you again for working with me on this Infraredturbine! The inspiration behind this stems from several toy catalogues that used to come in the mail back when I was a small child in the very early '90s. Every four or six months, we’d get these catalogues from a store in the middle of Iowa, that used to specialize in die-cast metal toys and model kits. Now I have no idea why we were getting these catalogues when we lived in Suffolk County NY, but I remember the level of detail and advertisement in each one. I figured that HASBIO would most likely do something like this, to further cash in on their “Mi$take$” as InfraredTurbine would say.

There were three primary things we wanted out of this project and I hope we achieved.

  1. Help further world building with the ever nebulous and loose canon of the fluffiverse. Please if there is a product you like on here and wish to use, its 100% meant for anyone to use as they wish. I whole heartedly encourage it for people to borrow, use, and expand upon ideas. The whole purpose of this project was for the community in mind and as such is community property.

  2. To show that a large and cohesive project can be achieved in the community. While I may have only been part of the community a short time, I see many projects that fail to finish or fall through in a short amount of time. I hope this project gives others hope, that other larger products can be done in this fandom.

  3. We wanted to inspire and invigorate the community. The fluffy fandom has one of the worst feast and famine cycles of content out there. Although I suspect this has to do with the overall nature of it all, it still can be disheartening for people to see content droughts. I hope this project has inspired y’all to continue to generate excellent content and for those on the fence to take the plunge.

InfraredTurbine did all the hard work, I mainly just came up with ideas and product descriptions. In a stroke of genius, InfraredTurbine asked other creators to use their OC’s (a last minute decision) which I think helps solidify the unity we wish to build. Thank you again fellow creators for permitting us to use your work, I hope we were able to portray them in the way you wished to see them and that doesn’t undermine your creativity. We are hoping that down the line, this can be a quarterly or biannual thing. However, we’d love for more people to get involved in the whole process: Product ideas, character use, backing etc. As a community project, it should have full community participation.

I also wanted to talk about a few things in the project itself, that I found to be most noteworthy.

  1. The Hasbio Logo: I was hoping someone would catch this, because of the level of detail put into it. The I is a stylized DNA Strand; I hope that this is the logo people think of when they think HASBIO.

  2. Woe-Foal Industries: As we know companies value their public perception, we figured that HASBIO would want to keep their cuddly image as a fluffy company. In order to corner the abuse market, they opened up an affiliate subsidiary known as, “Woe-Foal” that focuses on “Discipline” products. The name is a fun pun while the slogan is a reference to an older fluffy abuse comic.

  3. The final page before the credits, features a list of products we came up with but opted did not fit in our budgeted content pages. If any of the ideas tickle your fancy, feel free to imagine them or use them .

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this! Let me or InfraredTurbine know what your favorite product was in this catalogue!


These are awesome! While I knew to expect a magazine of fluffy products, I didn’t think it would look so professional!

I have ideas for products too, so here’s some from the top of my head:
-Accident Markers: Round, odor-absorbing single-use towelettes with caution markings. They’re packed in individual cases openable by fluffies themseves, so you can always keep one in the saferoom as an emergency first-aid for accidental bad poopies.
-Travel litterbox: Small, narrow litterbox with high side walls to keep the fluffy in place in shaky vehicles. Has suction cups on the bottom for attaching inside a fluffy carrier.
-A large digital hourglass providing easily understandable visualization of time for fluffies waiting for their owners. Can be connected to via smartphone to discretely slow down or speed up the flow of sand in case you need to change your schedule.

And what someone in /trash/ once suggested: velcro accessories that fluffies can decorate themselves and each other with.


I want more!

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