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Hey all, looking for some ideas for short stories. I’m kinda toying with the idea of opening up writing commissions, but I’ve got no idea if A) that’s something I’ll be able to do B) if that’s something anyone would want and C) how to even price that.

Anyway, shoot me some requests in the comments! I’d like to stick to shorter one off things to break up working on Brookshire Farm, but if it’s interesting I’ll go longer.

Any box, any subject, I think the only thing that’s like a hard no is explicit human-fluffy sex but it’s fine if it’s implied.

EDIT: Thanks! Got lots to work with. If you still want something from me, I’ll always be happy to do an art trade!


A Fluffy mummah tries to reach her chirpy babbehs who have been put into a trash-can by a mean human.


A fluffy (or fluffies) strapped to a table and left to shit and piss in a trough for fertilizer uses.

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that would involve a lot of force fed morbidly obese fluffs.

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Not necessarily. Fluffies shitting and pissing uncontrollably is a trope almost as old as fluffies themselves.

yeah but we’re talking about an industrial scale now forcing food down their gullets to make shit and maybe sending half digested shit/kibble back through again to properly digest.



I love it.

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Could you do a piece with Shark and his eldest son Sand dollar? They’ll be playing catch or something father-son related

Shark's family (swiftbitches) - #17 by swiftbitches there’s a piece containing both of them

Or maybe a brotherly piece between Shark and Scotty?

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Here ya go!

Really liked this one, ended up making it much longer than I intended!

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I’ll commission you for some writing, absolutely.

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Couple of prompts.

For prompt 1: reference material.

There’s a genetics lab on the third floor of these buildings, which were all bought up by Colonel Sutton for his French Quarter fluffy store and breeding operation, among other things.

Write a story about a fluffy being born, forced to grow fast using futuristic fluffy growth hormones (lots of painful injections) and CRISPR gene editing to finetune its dna to be the ideal donor for a customer’s fluffy, which was tortured and then run over with a lawn mower. It was saved by via a cryogenic “scoop and run” by the fluffy hospital’s emt team. The price to have a fluffy bred and fine tuned genetically to be an exact match in color: not as much as you’d think!

Then, take all the spare parts you can from it. Implant the donor with the donee’s legs, genitals, skin, muscle tissue, parts of the spine, etc. End the story of the fluffy as a brain in a jar with eyes, ala Robocop.

Prompt 2:

Told from the perspective of a foal. A fluffy mega herd in New Orleans is confronted by the Fluffy Patrol and NOPD prior to the Mardi Gras festivities. Rivers of fluffy blood fill the street as assault rifle and shotgun fire echoes throughout the days and night leading up to the festivities.

The foal is captured by the fluffy patrol and handed over to representives of the various Mardi Gras krewes. Fluffy foals are painted yellow, green, and purple and thrown to the crowd the day of the parade. The foal is not caught by anyone and meets a painful end, hitting the ground, shattering most bones in its body, and being stamped by the crowd as people rush to claim trinkets also tossed from the floats.

Prompt 3: Fluffy Hospital short. Do a parody of the TV show ER and do a story about an abused, left for dead, poopy fluffy being rushed to the Fluffy ER. If you do this last one, DM me as I have a google doc for you to reference that I’m not gonna publicly present.

Have fun.

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Here ya go!

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On a roll today lol.