New & Tasty (SpookyGoopy)

Hasbio Foods is a subsidiary company of Hasbio specializing in creating food products for Fluffies to stuff their little faces with and is one of dozens of brands founded to provide specific products and services to Fluffy owners, ranging from novelty clothing for Fluffies produced by Fluff Fashion™ to fluffy medicine by Hasbio Pharmaceuticals.

Hasbio Foods has developed and released a wide variety of products designed for Fluffy nourishment over the years, some of their most noteworthy products include Fluffy kibble, powdered milkies and of course, the most sought after nummies that any Fluffy could ever hope to have, Canned Sketties.

One product however has risen to become the most successful product launch in the company’s history since Sketties, a brand of soft drink aimed at Fluffies known as Fluff Chug.

Fluff Chug™ is a brand of soda pop targeted at Fluffies that come in colorful, vibrant cans of resin that mimics aluminum and designed to instantly catch the eye of any Fluffy, a clever tactic that exploited a Fluffy’s simplistic love for everything bright, colorful and shiny.

The shiny, faux aluminum that the can is composed of is delicate to a Fluffy’s incredibly sensitive teeth, designed specifically so that Fluffies could easily crack open a can using their mouths and comfortably hold it in their soft hooves.

Fluff Chug’s announcement was initially met with some pushback as a vocal minority of Fluffy owners were concerned that a super surgery soft drink was being marketed to Fluffies but Hasbio was no stranger to releasing candy, confectionary and other tooth rotting delights in the past as well as opening actual fast food establishments that served ridiculously unhealthy food to fluffies as well. Fluffy parents were more than okay with feeding their bio pets refined sugar and empty carbs as a treat before, why would this be any different?

Hasbio even argued that human beings deemed it healthy to drink sugary soft drinks in moderation and that Fluff Chug is just as safe for Fluffies to drink as regular soda is to people, perhaps even more so, citing that the drink is designed specifically for Fluffy consumption and is sensitive to their delicate taste buds and digestive systems (in moderation).

The real concerns however lied in what other ingredients composed the drink. GMOs, additives, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and other scary words that made some parents hesitant in buying soda pop for their children, let alone biotoys with incredibly sensitive digestive systems.

Hasbio however, with their clever marketing tactics and silver tongued ways assured the public that Fluff Chug was just as safe for Fluffy consumption as it is for humans to drink brands with similar ingredients such as Coca-Cola and Sprite and that Fluff Chug was also 100% organic, made only with natural ingredients and no harmful, synthetic ones which helped quell the concerns of some.

However, as people will soon learn just because something is natural, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe to put in your body…

There were ten flavors that made up the drink’s first ”wave” and in the proceeding three years since its release, Fluff Chug would have over 40+ additional, “core” flavors produced and a plethora of limited edition flavors that caused genuine riots at FluffMarts upon their release.

Hundreds of Fluffies would get seriously injured or even killed in the process of their owners trying to get their hands on the latest, premium collections, running over fluffies and crushing them with their shopping carts just for the clout they would get on the internet, fluffies were willing to bite each other’s limbs off to get the latest flavor and sometimes the fluffies that survived the yearly, limited edition Fluff Chug Massacre wouldn’t even get to drink any after all of that as most owners would usually sell them on EBay for ludicrous prices after posting pictures of their fluffy or fluffies posing with the can(s) on Instagram or FluffyNet.

Although each Fluffy had a preference, every flavor of Fluff Chug was regarded as “da bestest ting evah!” to its target demographic of tiny talking horses, there didn’t seem to exist a “bad” flavor to a Fluffy which was no accident.

Fluff Chug was meticulously designed by its creator, Dr. Hans Brauenmeister to be the best tasting drink a Fluffy could possibly have, having to delay the product’s launch more than once to make it more delicious, more irresistible and to have unparalleled flavor and mouth feel.

Dr. Brauenmeister has put in more effort than anyone working at Hasbio Foods or any other subsidiary of Hasbio’s corporate empire would even think to in making something for Fluffies, the most popular product from the very company he worked for was cheap canned spaghetti made with bioengineered ingredients for crying out loud.

It’s due to this that some regard him as a mad man, others a genius and some conclude that he’s a little bit of both. Fluffies however regard him simply as “The Soda Man”, the nice mister who shepherd in the bestest nummies to date.

However, all of the delays, experiments and hundreds of Fluffy test subjects that were either killed or deformed beyond recognition from being force fed experimental, prototype formulas was more than worth it, because to say that Fluff Chug was a successful product would’ve been a vast understatement.

Dr. Hans Brauenmeister dedicated four years of his life to make Fluff Chug irresistibly delicious to Fluffies, igniting their tastebuds and firing off the dopamine receptors in their little brains upon the first sip and making them incapable of stopping at just one.

Of course, making a product that tasted good would be anyone in the food industry’s number one priority, but Brauenmeister wanted it to be positively addictive and he succeeded.

Any Fluffy that took just one sip, would be hooked on the stuff for life and Fluffies that couldn’t get their hooves on it when they craved it or were denied it by their owners would scream, cry and tearfully beg to get more, including the usually well-behaved ones.

Fluff Chug flew off the shelves at every FluffMart in the country and it seemed that every Fluffy, no matter where you lived has tried it at least once, some Fluffies even preferred it to Sketties when given the choice and to have both at the same time would make a Fluffy deem that day to be the bestest day of their tiny, little lives.

Even something as simple as the announcement of a new flavor was deemed a once in a lifetime event to a Fluffy, Fluffy owners were forced to wait in ridiculously long lines just so their Fluffies wouldn’t experience FOMO or so they could use the newest, limited edition flavor as a topic for their social media platforms that their Fluffies were the stars of.

Fluff Chug was positively everywhere, especially on FluffTV and on the internet. Fluffies would be bombarded with commercials and subliminal advertising in shows telling them to get their Chug On!™ while Fluffy owners would receive targeted adds for the stuff no matter what website they go on.

The drink has even reached urban legend status among ferals as feral and abandoned Fluffies roaming the streets and alleyways would constantly hear about privileged Fluffies with nummies, toysies and warm housies absolutely rave about the stuff or see countless domestics guzzle it down with an unmistakable look of flavor ecstasy on their faces.

Hasbio, always looking for ways to decrease the population of undesirable poop rats that besmirched their good name and made “real” Fluffies looked bad, jumped on the opportunity to use their latest product as a weapon to combat the feral fluffy epidemic and looked to it’s creator to do so.

Dr. Brauenmeister came up with the Chug Dispensers, small devices resembling vending machines that functioned similar to Sketty Dispensers in concept where Fluffies had to trade one of their own for a single XL size can of Fluff Chug, using a digitized scale mechanism that would dispense a can once either a full grown Fluffy or a minimum of 6-8 foals were placed inside.

The unfortunate Fluffies chosen to be sacrificed for that sweet, carbonated ambrosia in return would be ground up in a hydraulic shredder, the remains would then be retrieved by Fluffy Recycling International representatives and used as an inexpensive filler in the meatballs of canned Sketties and other products.

In the first two years of its release, Fluff Chug addiction became a certifiable epidemic as Fluffies that went for mere hours without as much as a sip exhibited symptoms of withdrawal.

These withdrawal symptoms included headaches, nausea, tremors, anxiety, extreme thirst, gastrointestinal distress unlike anything they’ve experienced before and the worse addicts even exhibited hallucinations, seizures and a tendency to self harm if they didn’t get their fix.

Fluffies hooked on Fluff Chug were so desperate for that sweet, fizzy nectar of the Fluff Gods that they were willing to do anything to get some… anything.

Fluff Chug quickly became a favorite tool among abusers because of this and they would use it to deliberately get Fluffies hooked, which is when the fun really began for them. Abusers would use Fluff Chug as a bargaining chip to get Fluffies to do anything they wanted.

A Mare suffering from withdrawal would trade their bestest babbeh for just one Foal size can, stallions would stomp their special friend’s head in for a single can and then kill all of their babies for seconds, a once tight knit herd of Fluffies were willing to kill each other over the last can of a twelve pack Biggie Box™, the list goes on.

Never underestimate the creativity of a Fluffy abuser.

To make matters worse, Fluff Chug even became the harbinger of a new disease that plagued addicts, a disease known as Fluffy Oral Necrosis, better known as “Mouth Rot”.

Fluffy Oral Necrosis, or FON, was the result of Fluff Chug overconsumption paired with poor oral hygiene and is identified by advanced tooth decay, halitosis, intense mouth pains, blackened, receding gums and thick, green-colored saliva.

Severe cases of mouth rot resulted in necrosis, the inside of a Fluffy’s mouth would literally rot and decay at an advanced pace due to the formation of flesh eating bacteria in the effected’s mouth and if the condition is left untreated, this bacteria can find it’s way to other parts of the Fluffy’s body, most notably the brain, resulting in severe seizures while a slow and excruciating death awaits them.

The widespread epidemics of Fluff Chug addiction, soda-based abuse and health problems resulted in spectacular media backlash, hundreds of thousands of Fluffy owners across the country protested and demanded for a ban of the product from FluffMart shelves.

Some even threatened to sue Hasbio for damages caused to their Fluffies but if Hasbio was good at anything, it was getting themselves out of financial death sentences.

Unlike when PETA released thousands of Fluffies from Hasbio facilities and FluffMarts and jumpstarted the feral infestation during the company’s pioneer days, Hasbio had a contingency for any negative repercussions caused by Fluff Chug.

Hasbio had a legal disclaimer plastered on every single can, package, billboard and poster stating clear as day that Fluff Chug should be ingested responsibly and that it was a Fluffy owner’s responsibility to regulate how much a Fluffy drank as well as maintaining their overall health.

Therefore, any negative effects the drink had on a person’s Fluffies, in a legal sense, was their own fault. Every person who bought a can, six pack or Biggie Box for their fluffies were inadvertently signing a contract that protected Hasbio from prosecution for the wave of addictions, abuse and mouth rot caused by Fluff Chug.

Clever legal trickery combined with some good old fashioned finger pointing resulted in Hasbio dodging responsibility for the damages Fluff Chug has caused.

Nonetheless, in an effort to recover their (relatively) good name and get in good with the public eye again, Hasbio donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities that supported Fluffies and supplied gift baskets to owners of Fluffies that were negatively effected by Fluff Chug filled with toys, sketties and dental hygiene products by Hasbio’s dental care division, Fluffy Smiles Inc. who “coincidentally” enjoyed a massive boost to sales proceeding the mouth rot epidemic.

To top it all off, Hasbio Foods announced that they would be releasing a new and improved version of Fluff Chug that would not only be “healthier” but ten times as delicious, a new version of the drink, aptly named New & Tasty™ was officially in production.

Fluffies that caught wind of a new and even tastier Fluff Chug while watching FluffTV during commercial breaks, undoubtedly enjoying a cold, crisp can of Dazzle Berry™ or Sour Zapple™ Fluff Chug while doing so, cheered with unadulterated joy, blissfully unaware of the damage it was doing to their bodies or all the controversy it was causing.

All of this came exponentially fast, Hasbio was no stranger to bouncing back from controversy of course, but the focused and confident response to backlash against Fluff Chug, the timely New & Tasty™ recipe announcement and the clever legal disclaimer that not even the biggest of soda and sugar companies care to put on their products all made it seem as if Hasbio was expecting all of this to happen… and that’s because they were.

The wave of addiction, the public outcry, the promise of releasing a safer product, it was all part of Dr. Brauenmeister‘s plan to not only secure the future of his product by making it legally fool proof with the “Chug Brewer’s Warning” label but to also secure the funds to further his research in creating the perfected version of Fluff Chug in the form of the New & Tasty™ line, said funds being produced by the immense commercial success of his toxic concoction disguised as a refreshing drink.

New & Tasty™ Fluff Chug was the doctor’s true goal all along and having the foresight to know what Fluff Chug abuse would cause and using it all to his advantage made him that much closer to creating the perfect drink that Fluffies would sell their souls for a can of.

Dr. Brauenmeister aimed to create the greatest product Hasbio Foods has ever or will ever create and although content enough with the version he and Hasbio released, the ever meticulous soda maker was a perfectionist at heart and sought to make his pop more delicious, more satisfying and more addictive.

Knowing the negative effects caused by the overconsumption of his soda and the unyielding stupidity of Fluffy owners, Dr. Hans advised Hasbio to put a warning on his cans and every advertisement for Fluff Chug like what alcohol and cigarette companies do for products that are hazardous to human health and yet still legal to produce and sell.

Fluff Chug would undoubtedly cause more damage the longer it’s on shelves but as long as Hasbio made big bucks and were protected from legal prosecution, they were fine with it and so was Brauenmeister.

Dr. Brauenmeister was so dedicated to his craft that he refused to make any changes that would decrease the quality of the product, such as when a well-meaning suit over at Hasbio suggested to lower it’s sugar content or add fluoride to the drinks to combat mouth rot, Dr. Brauenmeister nearly slapped the man like his father used to for suggesting this, fluoride would undoubtedly compromise the meticulously crafted flavor of Fluff Chug and undo years of work making the drink irresistible!

But why was Fluff Chug so addictive? It was sweet and tasty sure and Fluffies had a tendency to be gluttonous and quick to satisfy urges over logic and reasoning but what made Fluffies keep coming back for more regardless of their deteriorating minds and bodies?

What could make what was once a sweet and innocent little Fluffy into a violent addict willing to kill for a measly drop of the stuff? Fluff Chug’s addictive qualities was all thanks to the soft drink’s secret ingredient and a secret it definitely was.

Fluff Chug’s secret ingredient was not only kept out of public eye but even most Hasbio employees didn’t know the full list of ingredients that made up Fluff Chug’s secret recipe.

The only ones who knew was the drink’s creator, a select few chemists picked out by Dr. Brauenmeister that he worked closely with known as the Flavor Specialists™, the small handful of the more trustworthy members of Hasbio’s board of directors and the company’s enigmatic CEO, Gabriel Faust.

This secret ingredient was Mare Milk more or less, better known as “milkies” to Fluffies. More specifically, it was a few select proteins that made up the chemical composition of Fluffy mare milk.

These select proteins activated a chemical response in a Fluffy’s brain that elicited a strong emotional state similar to nostalgia, sending their dopamine receptors into overdrive as a result.

As an added bonus, these proteins is what also gave Fluff Chug its trademark smooth and near velvety texture that went down nicely as the bubbles delightfully tickled a Fluffy’s sensitive tongue.

This chemical response was so strong that even the smallest whif of the chug’s aroma upon cracking open a can activated a psychomatic response that subconsciously brought Fluffies back to even more simple and innocent times as foals, happily suckling on their mama’s teats as she sang to them and once they actually tasted the stuff, it was game over.

This resulted in Fluff Chug being especially popular with Fluffies that suffered abuse or experienced the full brunt of how cruel the world can be, especially towards creatures literally designed to be innocent and loving.

Helping Dr. Brauenmeister in his quest to improve upon perfection and his crack team of soda brewing chemists known in advertisement campaigns as the Flavor Specialists™, their main job being to create new and exciting flavors of Fluff Chug but Dr. Hans also encouraged them to do research onto how they too can improve Fluff Chug and it’s flavors beyond expectations just like he does.

The man was so dedicated to his craft that he actually hoped that he could find someone who can best him if it meant that his creation could reach new gastronomical heights, more than willing to humble himself and even give that person full credit for perfecting his creation in return.

The doctor however was very particular, even when a Flavor Specialist believed they really have created the perfect flavor that Fluffies would love and Hans would be impressed with, Dr. Brauenmeister always had some kind of criticism, whether it was in relation to it’s texture or if it had an undesirable aftertaste that he believed his surprisingly discerning demographic wouldn’t be satisfied with.

If even one Fluffy had something remotely negative to say about an experimental Fluff Chug that Brauenmeister or a Flavor Specialist slaved over to make, the doctor would have them start over from scratch, not wanting even one underwhelming flavor to hit the market.

Although it sounded like a nightmare to work as a flavor specialist, Dr. Brauenmeister was a surprisingly pleasant guy to work with, his criticisms were always constructive, not destructive, he payed better than other high-ranking Hasbio associates and most considered his eccentric dedication to his work to be charming and even admirable.

At one of HasBio Foods’ major plants, a massive industrialized factory that sat outside the skirts of a major city, thousands of employees were hard at work. The sounds of whirring machines and the hiss of pistons can be heard from a distance.

The factory looked like something out of a dystopian world, possessing massive smokestacks that bellowed pitch black smog and lacking any color whatsoever aside from a colorful and sickeningly pwecious logo with cute little Fluffies enjoying a plethora of nummies above the main entrance.

A wide assortment of food products was being mass produced and hundreds of thousands of Fluffies were held there to act as taste testers and guinea pigs, kept in multiple on-site safe rooms and breeding mills until they were picked out for experiments.

The one and only Dr. Hans Brauenmeister, who has recently been promoted to Junior Executive and Head of Innovation at Hasbio Foods, was in his stylish, new office that oversaw production of his immensely successful concoction of sugar and chemicals over at the factory’s Drinks Wing where other products such as bottled milkies and Fruity Fun Juice™ were being made.

Hans stood in front of a massive chalk board with a mathematical equation that he was working, no doubt in relation to Fluff Chug, a cacophony of Fluffy cries, whimpers and general babbling coming from an assortment of cages containing test subjects being his only source of background noise aside from the muffled symphony of automated machines brewing, canning and bottling right outside his office with a view.

The doctor’s desk, made from imported Italian maple, was adorned with books, chemistry equipment, prototype can designs for New & Tasty™ Fluff Chug, a model of a Fluffy’s skeletal and gastrointestinal system and accompanied by a big, red chair any hot shot entrepreneur would be lucky to have.

The soda brewer of German descent was imposingly tall, standing at an impressive six feet, six inches and was as skinny and lanky as a scarecrow, his face was somewhat bony with pronounced cheek bones, cold and focused eyes of bright green coloration peered behind a pair of round, rose-colored lens glasses. His black, slicked back hair paired with greying sideburns screamed capitalist sleazeball but the most notable thing about him was his flamboyant choice of clothing.

The Soda Man as Fluffies have come to call him was adorned in a ridiculous outfit that seemed to be custom made, looking like something between a stereotypical mad scientist’s garb and a Nazi general’s attire and was solid black with silver trimmings, a tall and wide collar that would make Dracula jealous and a blood red undershirt and matching tie with a pin of Hasbio’s logo.

Hans Brauenmeister was once a culinary expert of the highest caliber, known as the “Food Scientist” in his home country of Germany and a celebrity chef renowned throughout Europe for the application of science in his cooking as a result of his speciality being molecular gastronomy, using his scientific knowhow to whip up groundbreaking culinary delights that boggled the mind and taste buds alike.

However, Brauenmeister lost his reputation as a respectable culinary master that pushed the boundaries of art and science when a disastrous incident ruined his career, what caused him to fall from grace in the culinary world is unknown however since he changes the story every time you ask him.

“I pushed for using Fluffies as a main ingredient in gourmet cuisine.”

“I hunted an endangered species of pheasant into extinction in an effort to perfect my recipe for pheasant curry.”

“I experimented in using liquid nitrogen to make baked alaska from scratch, resulting in one of my apprentices losing his tongue to frostbite.”

“I accidentally killed a French prime minister with my chocolate-peanut butter soufflé… apparently he had a peanut allergy.”

“A food critic said my vichyssoise was uninspired. SO I KILLED HIM!”

Whatever the reason may be however, the eccentric gastronomist was disgraced bad enough that he had to move to another continent entirely and the only work he could find in the food industry was at Hasbio’s food division.

Although a major downgrade to say the least, Brauenmeister made the best of his current situation and quickly climbed the ranks at Hasbio Foods, having been the one that improved upon the recipe for Sketties to be twice as tantalizing to Fluffy tongues without sacrificing cut-rate production costs and creating a recipe for kibble made from dehydrated mare milk soft enough for Fluffies with Sensitive Baby Syndrome to eat without hurting their toothless mouths or causing gastrointestinal distress.

Hans of course would really make a name for himself in the Hasbio empire once his Fluff Chug was released to the public and although most would consider a culinary artist going from making space age beef wellington to sugary soda pop for little, talking biotoy ponies to be an embarrassing fall from grace, Dr. Brauenmeister took it all in stride.

Soda pop after all was essentially chemicals, chemicals carefully brewed together to create a satisfying drink with flavor and texture that made people keep coming back and chemistry was one of his many fortes, if anyone could create the pinnacle of soda pop, it would, no, it should be him!

One of the most profitable brands in the world, Coca-Cola was made by a chemist and Hans Brauenmeister sought to overthrow him as the true Sultan of Soda, a nickname given to him in multiple Fluffy-centered magazines and one he took odd pride in.

In just a few short years, Dr. Brauenmeister has become one of the biggest names in the Fluffy industry, ranking alongside the likes of Felicia Liddell, founder of Fluff Fashion and the genius who came up with the idea to recycle Fluffy fur to use for their clothing, Bob Stag, founder of FluffTV and the Hasbio-owned music company Fluffy Records, and Dr. Harissa Singh, veteran bioengineer at Hasbio Labs and creator of the wildly successful and equally controversial Fluffy Predator line.

Once he has perfected his Fluff Chug recipe, Dr. Brauenmeister aims to present the idea of opening his own factory separate from Hasbio Foods, dedicated to mass producing his drink and all it’s flavors and varieties at greater quantities for all the world’s Fluffies to enjoy, as well as many other products related to his brew that he has plans to produce, such as Fluff Chug fruit snacks and a line of novelty scented candles based on the drink.

He was certain that the success of his New & Tasty line will inspire Hasbio to go all in on his soda pop and once Fluff Chug has hit the international market, sold in FluffMarts in every country imaginable, Dr. Brauenmeister will truly become the Sultan of Soda.

From disgraced chef to unstoppable soda tycoon, THAT was Hans Brauenmeister’s new dream!

“Hu hu hu… no wike sowwy box!”

“Mama wan nummies, babbehs nee miwkies… fwuff jug nu gud fow dem… nee miwkies.”

“Hu hu huuuu… fwuffy’s eawwing gib fwuffy eaw huwties…”

“Ah scheisse…” Dr. Brauenmeister groaned in annoyance and rubbed his eyes for the sixth time today so far before returning to chalking up his exasperatingly long equation, clearly he didn’t get enough sleep last night and yes, four hours maximum isn’t a lot of sleep for anyone but the man was on a mission, sleep was for the weak and it was nothing a couple handfuls of adderall couldn’t fix.

The real source of his aggravation was the incessant complaining of the Fluffies he kept locked up in a dozen or so cages he had up in his office for when he needed to experiment on Fluffies sourced from the factory’s on sight Fluffy Mill.

“Huuuuuuhuuuu, tu muwch fwuff jug… wortest tummy huwties…”

“peep peep peep! chirp chirp chirp chirp!”

“N-nee, nee fwuff jug, nee fwuff jug, S-smarty NEE FWUFF JUUUUUUUGGGGGG!”

The especially loud smarty fluffy kicked at his cage walls, scaring a sensitive baby senseless next door. This smarty was clearly addicted to Hans’ infamous drink and in desperate need for another fix, continuing to bellow out entitled demands for Fluff Chug as he made a ruckus in his confinements.

Hans inhaled deeply and breathed out a long sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose, glaring at the cage housing the rambunctious smarty, his piercing green eyes striking fear in some of the other Fluffies while some looked upon him with anticipation hoping to get more Fluff Chug, he was the one who always gave them Fluff Chug when they were good and when he wanted them to try new, yummy flavors, which is why most regarded him as their “daddeh”.

Hans placed the chalk down at the chalk board and slowly stomped over to the smarty’s cage, his jackboots clacked on the ground with metal buckles that resonated with metallic, jingling sounds. Hans reached into the smarty’s cage and grabbed him by the back of his neck.


“Speshew fwend!” a heavily pregnant mare held in the same cage cried as the doctor forcibly yanked him from his cage.

The neon green stallion with a purple mane and tail screeched as he was held up by the fatty skin around the back of his neck, his smarty bravado instantly melting away due to the pain he was feeling and the scary, precarious height he has been placed in.

This smarty was a particularly fat specimen, his morbid obesity being the result of the gallons of Fluff Chug he has drank since he was a foal, his weight causing him greater pain as a result of him being weighed down by his own heft while the “good” doctor held him by the back of his neck.

Dr. Brauenmeister chuckled at the pathetic creature he held by the neck in his gloved hand, going from demanding a fix to crying out in pain with visible tears and a look of fear in his eyes.

“When are you going to learn that your petulant, entitled attitude will only be met with punishment, not reward B-78?” Dr. Brauenmeister mused as he flicked the smarty’s nose, eliciting a frightened “eeeee!” from the smarty.

B-78, a name given to him by the number on his tag that was stapled to his right ear, sniffled as he attempted to collect himself and puffed his cheeks up with a defiant “hmph!” a pathetic attempt at a threat display that Fluffies possessed, tears still fresh in the obese soda addict’s eyes.

“Dummeh daddeh gib Smawty and speshew fwend fwuff jug wight now! Smawty am gud awww day, smawty deserb fwuf jug!”

The smarty demanded as green spittle flew from his diseased mouth, the effects of Fluff Chug abuse was clearly evident, his gums were corroded and black, teeth yellowed and decayed, this smarty was suffering from the advanced stages of Mouth Rot and yet he only wanted more of the sweet stuff.

The doctor took notice and decided to test something.

“B-78, you clearly need to cut back. The state of your teeth and gums is atrocious, your must have so much pain in that smart little mouth of yours, drinking more will only make you feel worse”.

Dr. Brauenmeister was direct and honest with the Smarty, telling him straight up that his unbearable tooth and mouth pain was caused by his favorite treat but in true, smarty nature, B-79 arrogantly pushed back.

“Smawty no cawe! Fwuff jug make smawty feew gud, make talkie pwace feew gud, awways DOWS!”. The Smarty snapped back in a way that made him sound like he believed that he just said the most intelligent thing a Fluffy has ever said.

Hans replied by poking him in the fat stomach, the smarty flinched and lead out a pained “urk!” sound as if he was going to throw up, clutching his belly with his front hooves.

The excessive amounts of Fluff Chug this absolute unit has consumed has caused him crippling stomach pain and nausea that never seemed to go away, the excessive amounts of sugar and chemicals resulting in painful hemorrhoids that gave him a constant stinging pain and sour feeling in his stomach paired with frequent vomiting and diarrhea as well, evident by a behind completely caked in dried up liquid feces.

“Your obesity is a cause of concern as well B-78”. The doctor said in a mocking tone. “All of that sugar isn’t good for you, this paunch of yours that threatens to drag through the ground as you walk is proof of that and yet you just keep drinking and drinking, you are destroying yourself, can’t you see that?”.

The doctor said with genuine fascination in his voice, Fluffies are notoriously stupid but even they had enough working brain cells to know when to stop doing something if it’s causing them even the mildest of discomfort and yet this smarty, as well as countless Fluffies all over the country right now was going through unimaginable anguish caused by Fluff Chug and yet they only wanted more.

The soda addicted Smarty puffed up his fat cheeks once again, audibly huffing and puffing as his fat face started to redden until he finally let it all out.


The Smarty was starting to regress into a practically infantile state, which was saying something for a fluffy, he flailed his short, chubby limbs as wildly as his obese form would allow as he cried and screamed for his precious soda.

This fit of autistic rage obviously having a toll on his compromised body as he started to wind down and wheeze deeply like he just ran a marathon no more than six seconds into his temper tantrum.

Dr. Brauenmeister held back the urge to laugh his ass off as he watched the pathetic display, it was then he looked over to the large keg with a hose in the corner of his office filled with Blackout Berry™ Fluff Chug that he used as a reward for Fluffies that took part in his experiments.

That’s when the doctor got a wonderfully horrible idea, a toothy grin instinctively stretched across his face.

“Ohhhh alright B-78, you twisted my arm. If you want Fluff Chug so badly then Fluff Chug is what you’ll get.” Dr. Brauenmeister spoke in an ominous tone, the sinister inflection in his voice was completely lost on the smarty, his ears perked up as his big, blue eyes looked at the doctor.


The smarty asked as the doctor placed him on a stool in the middle of the office, he spun the chalkboard around and walked to his desk where he took something from a drawer and hid it behind his back.

He then walked over to the keg and brought the hose to B-78, his eyes widened in anticipation as a torrent of drool ran from his mouth and over his swollen cheeks.

“Are you ready?” Dr. Brauenmeister flashed a toothy grin, his sinister overtones still lost on the Smarty.


Before the Smarty could finish his sentence, the doctor forcefully stuffed the nozzle into his mouth and fed the hose down his throat, the Smarty made horrible gagging noises as he did.

Dr. Brauenmeister then brandished a roll of duct trap and taped his muzzle shut and the Fluffy to the stool as well, great discomfort came from his engorged belly being forcibly pressed onto the cold, wooden stool.


“Tee hee hee, smawty git sowwy huwties!”

“Nuuuuuuuu! Pwease doctah daddeh, nu huwt smawty speshew fweeeennn!”

B-78 fruitlessly wriggled about, the fear and confusion in his eyes are palatable while the other Fluffies watched on with varying reactions.

The doctor chuckled as he walked to the keg and, with one last shit-eating grin flashed towards B-78, turned the lever where the hose and the dispenser of the keg met.

B-78 continued to struggle in a terrified frenzy up until a torrent of blackberry and plum flavored Fluff Chug rushed into his mouth and down his throat, the smarty entered a calm state of pure ecstasy almost instantly as the sweet, fizzy drink touched his tongue, the drink poured into his stomach at such speeds that he could feel himself getting full in mere seconds.

“Wy smawty onwy git fwuff jug?”

“Hu hu hu, no faiw, fwuffy wan dwinky nummies too…”

“Am gud babeh… babeh wan fwuff jug!”

“Su thiwsty, hu hu hu huuuu…”

The other industrialized Fluffies looked upon the Smarty getting force fed copious amounts of soda with actual jealousy, despite just complaining to the doctor duct taping the smarty to the stool as being too scary, being absolutely sure that “doctor daddeh” was getting ready to start another one of his infamous experiments.

“Mmmmm, shoooo gud… fwuff jug bestest nummies ebah… smawty git awww da fwuff chuwg tu becuz smawty am bestest…”

The smarty thought to himself as he wiggled his stumpy limbs in intoxicated delight but then started to notice he was getting full… too full.


B-78’s belly began to visibly inflate in size as more and more Fluff Chug was being pumped into his ballooning stomach with no end in sight. His stomach being forcibly pressed onto the stool he was duct taped too, causing excruciating pain to the smarty’s poor belly, multiple hemorrhoids lining his stomach began to painfully pop as a result.

“Mmmmmmffphh! Mmmmmmphhh!”

B-78 desperately muffled out pained cries in a futile attempt to tell the doctor that he has more than enough but Brauenmeister cheekily put a hand to his ear in a mocking “I can’t hear you!” motion in response.

B-78 continued to inflate until he was nearly twice his original size, the pain and nausea the smarty felt was indescribable and it only got worse with every agonizing second as he continued to balloon more.

A mixture of soda and bile began to spray from the smarty’s nose as his tear-filled, bloodshot eyes rolled into the back of his head, being completely helpless to do anything aside from wiggle his limbs around uselessly.

“Wuh hawppenin to smawty?”

“Tee hee, smawty am bawwoon!”



The other Fluffies helplessly looked upon the horrific display of the smarty being inflated like a living water balloon, some mother Fluffies tried to shield their foals’ eyes, others shit themselves in fear and some even begged their “doctow daddeh” to stop giving the smarty so much Fluff Chug.


The smarty’s stomach ominously groaned as if reaching critical mass, now more twice the size of what he used to be, blood pooling out from his nose, mouth and anus in viscous amounts, large, pained veins were now visible on the Fluffy’s stomach due to the stress of containing so much fluid.


Dr. Brauenmeister walked towards a vase to the left of his office door containing a large black umbrella, pointed it to B-78’s direction and opened it with a click of a button.


B-78 exploded, popping like a watermelon being pumped with pressurized air. A torrent of blood, innards and dark purple soda got positively everywhere, all except for on the doctor or his current work on the chalkboard.

The other Fluffies screamed and cried at the top of their tiny lungs from the smarty’s gory demise, chirpy babies chirped and peeped in equal parts confusion and fear and most ended up getting covered in the smarty’s remains, amplifying their fear even more.

B-78’s heavily pregnant special friend cried the loudest out of all of them, not only due to the death of her special friend but due to the violent demise being so terrifying that it caused her to give birth prematurely, six, lifeless chirpy babies lied on the cage floor while she held one of them in her hooves, begging it to “wake up”.

One unicorn foal that referred to B-78 as a balloon was now staring into space with eyes widened in unparalleled shock, completely dead to the world as she was covered head to toe in smarty blood.

A sudden, strong waft of fluffy shit and urine was now present due to nearly all of the Fluffies defecting themselves in fear, making the Soda man gag a little once it hit him.

Dr. Brauenmeister stomped over to the other Fluffies, audible squishing noises coming from his boots stepping in equal parts blood and fluff chug and furiously slammed his fist on the top row of cages multiple times, even greater cries and squeals resulting from the sudden noise.


Dr. Brauenmeister shouted at the top of his lungs in an effort to silence the Fluffies, most were smart enough to be quiet, others cried into their hooves to desperately silence themselves. The most noise coming from the cages now were from chirpy babies far too young to understand what was going on but their mamas tried their best to smooth their cries.

“THIS is what happens when you ungrateful little shits think you can make demands of me!” The doctor yelled into the cages of the (literally) scared shitless Fluffies while pointing at the mess of fluffy gore in the center of his office.

“You are all goddamn LUCKY to be here instead of the Fluffy Mills or Fluffy Recycling plants, or at pet stores being sold as snake food!” The doctor’s accent becoming noticeably thicker as he screamed at the fluffies.

“ALL of you will learn to behave yourselves or else I swear to God, I will grind up all of your babies and foals into Swedish meatballs and force feed them to you at feeding time!” The doctor then kicked one of the lower cages for good measure, a pitiful little “eeeee!” bellowed out in response.

Dr. Brauenmeister took a long, deep breath and massaged his temple in an effort to calm himself down as he spun his chalkboard back around, his work for today coming out completely unscathed from the utter fluffy annihilation that took place.

He then walked towards his desk, cleared his throat and pressed a button on his intercom phone.

“Dolores, could you be a dear and send some janitorial staff to my office? An experiment I was conducting has gone completely array and made just the biggest mess…. Oh, and could you also get some extra hands to retrieve the Fluffies and send them back to their quarters as well? I’m done with them for today.”

“Sure thing hon.” A lady with a southern drawl answered back.

The doctor thanked his secretary as he nonchalantly returned to his board and continued where he left off as if nothing happened, softer cries and whimpers coming out from the rusted cages containing the genetically engineered abominations now.

“I wonder what I should get for lunch.”


This is why I don’t drink soda.

Also, is Herr Doktor related to @Za?


Well this guy is super evil for making a soda tailored to fluffies to be mega addictive and yeah it deals with ferals it also hurts domestics


You really don’t drink soda dummeh?

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In terms of a new writer? WOW! Just wow. I really hope you continue. I think you’re really great.I love experiments done on fluffies, products directed at fluffies, it hit all the right notes. Please give us more.


Pretty good stuff, I like this a lot better than the weird predator stuff you tried a while back.

This right here? Kino. Keep it up.


I can see some of Abuse stories involving this stuff


new and tasty?

is this story a reference to the Oddworld games?

Plus Dr. Brauenmeister sounds like the Brew Master from Abes Exoddus.


Ah, a fellow Oddworld enjoyer!

Yes, this was heavily inspired by Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Brauenmeister literally means “brewmaster” in German and Fluff Chug is analog for Soulstorm Brew. The Fluffies are kinda like the Mudokons as they are creatures who are being manipulated and taken advantaged of while Hasbio and its employees are the Glukkons, the rich elite who are torturing defenseless beings for profit. Of course, this is like if the Glukkons created the Mudokon to be products rather than a slave force.

Soylent Green also served as inspiration for this story. Also, the South Park special, Not Suitable for Children served as inspiration as well.


I could imagine someone using fluffies as a slave force using Fluffy Chug.


Can’t imagine how, Fluffies are consistently portrayed as being comically weak and fragile. I would honestly love to see someone try to use Fluffies for physical labor.


What is Hasbio’s goal here? It makes problems, sells solutions to that problems and makes more problems to sell more solutions to them. There’s no way they keep getting away with it (at least not globally).


I see it as pretty realistic since there are companies who do this


Money. That’s why and how


Not often. I think I had a root beer a few weeks ago, and last week I really wanted a grape soda. Mostly, though, I stick to water and tea.

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Same about the soda.

Doktor reminds me of the guy from Human Centipede =D


They’re literally doing what soda companies do to people.


Not just soda companies either. There are countless industries that willingly serve dangerous products that they know are dangerous. Sugar, alcohol, tobacco, snack food and fast food companies, the list goes on and they all get away with it because they make things that people want and they always use the excuse that if their products cause damage to consumers than it’s their own fault for “abusing” them, even though that is exactly what they want, they deliberately make their products addictive so that people will keep coming back.

The way that industries see and treat consumers in real life was a major inspiration for this story and how I think Hasbio would treat Fluffies, they are after all just products themselves, products that they created in the first place. I like to think that Brauenmeister actually does care about providing a good product that Fluffies will be happy with and even likes making them happy to a certain extent and sees making profit as just a bonus and yet, is still clearly not above exploiting them. Creating a legacy for himself after getting his culinary dreams dashed is also a major motivation for him just in case I didn’t make that obvious :wink:

Human pettiness, one of the leading factors for many evil men


All correct. Capitalism is a wonderful thing, but corporatism is just another incarnation of the kleptocracy.