Babbehs Make Everything Better. Right? Ch. 2 [By BFM101]

Mary was exhausted.

It had been a few days since her foals became talkie-babbehs, and she had hoped that now they were older, they could understand the value of quiet time and that mummah couldn’t feed them all the time because daddeh was struggling to find food.

She was mistaken.

Most of the foals tried to be good, but even then their infantile minds struggled with the rumblings of hunger and the boredom of having no energy to play. Thankfully Mary had found that fluff-piles were her babbehs favourite activity and they would often spend their days cuddling up to one another and hugging as much as their tiny bodies could.

Mary looked down at her foals, all resting in their hug-pile. She and Clover had named them all once their eyes were open because the look of joy on their children’s faces when they got a name was everything to them.

The monochrome yellow Pegasus colt was Dandy.

The red and orange Pegasus colt was Brightball.

The red and green unicorn filly was Apple.

The monochrome orange Alicorn filly was Orange (Fluffies not known for their creativity).

And the brown and green Alicorn filly was Brownie (again, not the best at creative thinking).

Of course, there was one foal not in the hug-pile.

“Dummeh mummah, Smawty wan miwkies.”

Mary turned to her son, her green and yellow unicorn son, once the smartest and most beloved of her foals, now he was the biggest source of heartache and frustration for the first time mother. He was demanding, he was aggressive to both Mary and his siblings, he refused to listen to any of the rules set out by his parents and most egregious of all, he ignored his given name.

“Fowwest, yu hab miwkies awweady, mummah need sabe sum fow Bwownee an Bwitebaww wen dey wakies.”

“Nu cawe, Smawty am hungwy nyo, wan miwkies.”

“Nu! Yu hab enuff.”

Forrest stared at his mother, his little face scrunched up with fury, and then he plonked himself onto his fat arse and played his trump card.

“HUUU! Wai mummah nu wub babbeh, babbeh hab tummeh-huwties. HUUUU!”

The sharp pitch of his crocodile tears shot right through Mary and her other foals, all of whom woke up with a shot and a blast of shit. Every time they thought they were used to Forrest’s whining, he’d remind them why he got want he wanted all the time. Because he annoyed the living pus out of everyone until they caved.

Mary tried to hold strong. “Nu babbeh, mummah need gib miwkies tu udda babbehs.”


“Yu nu am bestesh dummeh.” Brightball shot back at his irritant brother, fed up with his other siblings suffering because of Forrest’s demands. “Yu am tubby poopie bwudda who gib mummah heawt-huwties.”


Mary sighed and dragged her worn body over to Forrest, nearly collapsing beside him. “Bwitebaww pway nice wiv bwudda, he hab hungwies.”

“Bu… bu… bwudda am meanie, nu shawe miwkies wiv udda babbehs.”

“Mummah hab mowe miwkies wata wen daddeh bak, babbehs be ok tiww den.”

Brightball stared gobsmacked as his mother gave into Forrest’s whining yet again, he could’ve sworn he saw Forrest stick his tongue out at him before taking one of Mary’s teats and greedily slurping down the warm sweetness.

Brightball watched with disgust and horror as Forrest dribbled most of their mother’s milk down his fat fucking face.

Too tired and too hungry to do much else, Brightball returned to the fluffpile with his other siblings, Dandy took his brother in and hugged him.

“It ok bwudda, wike mummah say, daddeh bak soon wiv nummies.”

“Nu cawe bout nummies, cawe dat mummah onwy wisten tu dummeh Fowwest, he wike wittew chiwpee an she awways pik him oba udda babbehs.”

“Pfftthh.” Snorted Apple, already showing the signs of a future Toughie. “Dummeh Fowwest num poopies, Appew nu cawe bout dummeh bwudda.”

“Wha bout sissie?” Orange piped up, still trembling from Forrest’s rude awakening. “She need hab miwkies soon.”

The four siblings turned and looked to Brownie, she hadn’t had any milk all day, maybe even longer with how kind she was, always making sure her siblings drank first. Now her tummy-hurties were so loud they could hear the rumblings over Forrest’s loud belching.

Brightball softly stroked Brownies back, being careful not to touch her sensitive wings. “It ok Bwownee, babbehs make suwe yu dwink fiwst miwkies, eben befowe Fowwest.”

Brownie weakly smiled at her brother. “Fank yu, nu wan bwuddas and sissies tu hab tummeh-huwties, bu Bwownee tummeh make wowstesh soundies.”

The five of them all cuddled around Brownie, keeping each other warm and secure as they waited for their father’s return. Mary looked over at her foals and felt a both pride and a pang of sadness, she wanted to join in the hugpile, keep her babbehs warm with her mummah Fluff, but she chose the ungrateful Forrest to keep him sated over comforting her other foals.

Once again, Mary wondered if she’d made the right choice.

Just then there was a pop and a loud, obnoxious burp from between her legs, and Mary looked down just in time to see Forrest groggily but aggressively smacking her teats.

“Dummeh mummah, wai nu hab miwkies, Smawty am hungwies.”

It was already dark by the time Clover got home, Mary happily went to greet him but saw he was shattered, even more than she was, his breathing was slow and long, his green Fluff was caked with dirt and… blood? And all he had in his mouth to share was half a brown banana.

Clover collapsed to the ground and broke down into tears. “Am wowstesh daddeh, nu can find nummies fow babbehs, wook aww bwite-time and DIS am aww Cwova find.”

Mary wrap herself around her mate and hugged him. “It ok speciaw-fwiend, wittew nummies am stiww nummies.”

“It nu enuff, babbehs nu hab enuff miwkies, nu gwow big an stwong. Cwova knyo wha need du, need gu tu hoomin pwace in bwite-time.”

“Speciaw-fwiend nu. Yu say it tuu dangawous dewe.”

“Nu hab choosies, need find nummies fow babbeh. Nu wowwies speciaw-fwiend, Cwova be cawefuw.”

The two Fluffies nuzzled into each other, softly cooing at each other’s touch as their mentally and physically drained bodied collapsed down together. Clover felt himself nodding off but quickly woke himself up and pushed the banana towards Mary.

“Hewe, hab nummies nyo su can gib babbehs miwkies in bwite-time.”

Mary sleepily nodded and slowly started chewing on the banana, her fatigued and frustrated mind working on auto-pilot. Clover happily watched her eat, knowing it would keep their foals safe for another day, his sleepy gaze drifted over to where his children slept, he smiled at them all cuddled together, sleeping peacefully.

Then the smile turned to a frown when he saw Forrest wasn’t part of the hugpile, he was sleeping alone, his belly full and his cheeks drenched in milk.

“Speciaw-fwiend, yu gib Fowwest miwkies gain?”

Whatever sleep Mary had was gone, she sheepishly looked up at Clover, seeing the look of disappointment on his face.

“Fwuffy nu knyo.”

“Speciaw-fwiend… Cwova say nu tu wisten tu Fowwest wen he act wike wittew babbeh.”

“Bu Fowwest AM wittew babbeh, he nu knyo betta.”

“Fowwest am tawkie babbeh nyo, he knyo wha he du an he act wike dat cos he knyo yu gib in tu him. He du dummeh cwy fing gain den jus gib him sowwy-hoofies an he stop.”

Mary gasped. “Nu can gib babbehs huwties, dey just wittew babbehs.”

Clover sighed, when the foals were born he was happy that Mary hadn’t attacked or hurt Orange or Brownie for being monsters or poopies, but now that the foals were older he saw that Mary couldn’t find it in herself to hurt any of their foals, even when they deserved to be punished.

He’d watched in his last herd as the Smarty friend’s mate turned her purple son into a spoiled piece of shit, he wasn’t about to let that happen to his family.

“Nu gib bad huwties, jus wittew hoofies su babbeh knyo nu tu be dummeh gain.”

Mary looked over at Forrest, she knew he needed to be punished, but she found it easier, and less heartbreaking, to just let him do what he wanted. But even still, she knew she couldn’t do that forever.

“Mawy fink bout it, wan gu sweepies nyo.”

Knowing this was a conversation for later, Clover nodded and the two mates fell asleep together, too tired to even enjoy the comforts of each other.

Clover was already gone by the time Mary woke in the morning, as was most of the morning. The sun was already high in the sky by the time Dandy shook her awake.

“Mummah, mummah wakies pwease, babbehs hab hungwies.”

In her half-awake state, Mary tossed a uninterested hoof at her son. “Nu cawe, wan sweepies.”

“Bu… mummah hab miwkies, babbehs need miwkies.”

Mary let out a frustrated sigh before pulling herself to her feet and turning to face her smiling foals. For the first time in their lives, Mary didn’t immediately feel joy when she saw them, it still came, but it took a little longer than usual.

“Ok babbehs, mummah nu hab wots of miwkies, su just wittew tiww mummah hab mowe nummies.”

“Dat ok mummah.” Apple cheered, pushing Brownie forward. “Sissie need miwkies mowed an udda babbehs.”

Mary looked down at Browne and felt a little tinge of guilt, life was going to be hard for Brownie when she was a big babbeh, being a poopie AND an munstah. And Mary wasn’t keeping an eye on her, not helping her become big and strong like Brightball or Apple to make life that little bit easier on her.

“Ok Bwownee babbeh, yu hab wittew mowe miwkies.”

“Yay, fank yu mummah.”

Brownie crawled forward, her body instinctively driving her to her mother’s teats. Carefully she took a nipple into her mouth, took a big suck and…


Confused, Brownie tried again, no milkies, she tried the other one, no milkies. Brownie started to hyperventilate and looked up at her mother, microseconds away from tears.

“Wa… wai mummah nu hab miwkies? Nu wub babbeh nu mowe?”

“Wha? Mummah DU wub babbehs, mummah du hab miwkies, hab nummies befowe bedsies su hab miwkies nyo, nu knyo wai…”


The family looked over to where the noise was coming from, they all saw Forrest shitting away where he pleased and not caring about the good poopie place. That in itself was normal, but what was different was Forrest himself, he looked contented, he looked sated, he looked…


“MUNSTAH!” Brightball yelled at his fat brother. “YU STEEW MUMMAH MIWKIES, MIWKIES FEEF!”

“Smawty du wha Smawty wan, aww miwkies am Smawty miwkies.”


Forrest looked over at his sobbing, starving sister, and he snorted.

“Sissie am poopie munstah.”


Brightball lunged at Forrest, ready to give his brother the worst sorry hoofies. Only to be stopped by Mary blocking his path.

“NU! Babbehs nu gib eech udda huwties.”

“Dummeh bwudda steew miwkies, onwy fink fow him, nu cawe bout udda babbehs.”

“Mummah wiww deew wiv Fowwest, nu Bwitebaww. Yu jus keep sissie happy tiww daddeh homesies, he gut u nyu pwace, find wots of nummies fow aww babbehs.”

Brightball once again looked at his mother with disappointment, not wanting to speak anymore on it he turned back and joined Dandy, Apple and Orange as they all comforted the starved Brownie.

Mary heard Forrest starting to laugh but a sharp look shut him up quickly. She hoped Clover would be home soon, that he would have food and all their troubled would be over.

By the next morning though, Clover hadn’t returned.

Chapter 3 [END]


You know. I usually can find it in my heart to wish for a swift death to (almost) all bad fluffy parents.

And I mean foal killing ones.

But this… angers me even more than those usually do.

A mummah who understands everything wrong about the situation, but refuses to take action, despite knowing full well another of her foals might fooken die, damn it.

How do you do that, @BFM101?


I’m British.

I’m literally made of cynicism.


Fair enough.

So you’re british, eh?

Cool, didn’t know that.

You do know how to channel your britishness, no doubts there.


I wanna play kick ball with Forest.


Funnily enough, not even Forrest ignites my pasta-driven annoyance as much as Mary does.

But a game of “Don’t-catch-the-Forrest” does sound appealing…


I understand the hatred towards Mary. But she is doing what she thinks is best, and a crying baby like Forrest is a threat to the entire family, so, if she can silence him, than that keeps the rest of her children safe.


She’s trying. Clearly not hard enough, though.


Crimson: “Cwimson gunna num yu mummah’s Bestest Babbeh, wut yu tink of dat, udda babbehs?!”
Mary’s other foals: Willy Wonka - Stop, Don't, Come Back (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) - YouTube

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The fuck Mary you piece of shit! You spoiled that milk thieving smarty and didnt even bother punishing him! :grimacing:

Now one of your child is fucking hungry!

Added your hard working mate wont be coming back anymore.

Everything falls to Mary and her being too fuckin soft , welp this poor family is done.


Well, not all hope is lost, they could always num Mummah’s corpse and Forrest, push come to shove. Although, I think Brownie is not long for this world.


Seen a lot in our local fuck up soap operas my mother love watching: spoiled brat would cry anytime if he didnt get what he wants and dumb mom would panic and calm that brat.

The normal sibling when adult finally had with the spoiled sob, give him a punch in the face and stupid mother slap him for hitting her “baby” , elder sibling splash water on his mom and leave the house

Ending was idiot spoiled shit comes a drug addict and go to prison, idiot mom crys for elder sibling help he ignore and tell her mom not to come back as she said before he was a “worthless child”


Thats what im worried about, she was quiet most of the time and other siblings love her :tired_face:

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But Mary did state she is a brown alicorn, so forever sleepies might be the best thing for her. Speaking in feral terms.


With kleats

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I know but its as frustrating it wont come to that if she punished that fat sob!

Would have a fluffy mother scolding her for being a “wowst mummah!” for spoiling that fat shit that causes the will be death of the poor alicorn :cry:

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British!!! You’re such a great writer. I hope in non-fluffy life you are out there writing books!


And sarcasm. The exact ratio varies.

I know my heritage.


Finally been waiting a while for chapter 2!

Well, this is interesting, Marry isn’t a typical mare, she isn’t blind to the faults of the bestest, but she isn’t doing anything at all either, leading to resentment.

here’s hoping that someone saves the rest of the litter while leaving Marry and the brat to rot. Heck here’s an idea, have the other foals try and make it out on their own, they are found by Marry’s owner, he takes them in, Marry and the brat leaves their nest in search of greener pastures. Fast forward a couple of weeks or a month we see an emaciated pair of fluffies, Marry and the brat, the brat was small for his age thanks to not eating much, while wondering Marry hears familiar voices, it was her other foals alive and all grown up, she was so happy, and she saw a man, it was her old daddy! Marry’s happiness soon turned to despair when her own children said hurtful things to her and told her to get lost, even her old daddy doesn’t want he says she was bad fluffy. the brat tries to fight them, only for them to break his leg.


Amazingly, you’ve correctly guessed at least one future outcome for these characters.

Not gonna tell you which ones though.