Commissions Open by Marcus

Finally, I found the “fluffy artstyle” that suits me well. I’m very comfortable with this style, so…
commission2 couleur test5_redimensionner

I’m not expert in fluffy commission prices, so, it will be simple :

- Fully colored art with fur, shades, simple background, textures, and everything : 15€

- About comics : first panel: 15€, then 5€ for each additionnal panels, up to 4.

To put it simply, 1 art : 15€ + 5€ for each additional panel. Minimum 15€, maximum 30€.

If your story unexpectly requires more than 4 panels, then I’ll draw two more for free, for a total of 6 panels.

Only abuse and sadness art of course. I don’t draw humans, except their hands. Everything is focused on our favorite shitrats.

Characters are limited to 5, but please, keep in mind I use A4 paper for my sketches (yes, I don’t have graphic tablet) before the coloration, so the place on the paper is limited!

1 commission per person at a time.

Payments by paypal. Only in Euro. I’ll give you my paypal adress when you’ll contact me in private.

Well, I think that’s all! I hope prices are fair and I can’t wait to reveal your own cruel, devilish and twisted ideas!

For those who never see my art, here is some samples :

15 pages of Foal Torture comic

Cruel whipping for bad Babbeh by Marcus (this style is outdated)

  • STATUT : commission requests open!

It’s so fuzzy!

I wanna punch it in the face!


It’s so funny to see how fluffies make us so violent!


whos “us” bro

Ho, well, er… Abusers of course!!!


Fantastic art :heart:


Hey! Thank you very much!


yeah i like it a lot, but theyre too cute for my liking, they remind me of my dog in a weird way lol

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I thought it was suppose to be two arms nailed on wood, not one.

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Yeah I’d like to hire you

lol fuck that shitrat

“Did you hear about our Lord and Savior, little fluffy?”

“Nu, who is Wowdansawiow? Is nice mistah?”

“C’mere, I’ll show you what happened to him…”

Since I finished the Lilblue comic, I’m open for commissions!

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