Turboencabulator Index

Right, having gotten quite a number of stories posted, it’s time I made an index for all my shit, which will be updated when new stories are up.

The Sam and Will Stories - The Main Series, currently. Dates are a bit nebulous on purpose in this, but this is the recommended reading order.
Intro story
The New Neighbor
Meeting Will
Waking Hickory
Sam and Lilac, Part 1
Serving Entree
Sam and Lilac, Part 2
Loving Lilac
The Alenix Proposal
Sam and Will Go to Fluff-mart
Sam does Drugs
Sam and Will Enter a New Business
Sam and Will Open a Shelter
A Day for Frankie
Sam Makes a Housecall
A Day at the Office
The Box
Sam Attends a Hearing
Sam Christens the Shelter
Sam and Will Do Some Investigating

Abuser’s Web Guide series - Primarily worldbuilding, narrated and described by an aficionado of fluffies and their handling.
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 1 - Introduction and Getting Started
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 2 - Fluffy Basics, Their Growth, and Product Recommendations
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 3 - Methods of Capturing Ferals
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 4 - Fluffy Housing, Specialty Pens, and Short-Term Fluffy Storage DIY
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 5 - Discipline vs Punishment, Sources of Poor Behavior, and Introductory Fluffy Psychology
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 6 - Working Fluffs
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 7 - Utility Fluffs
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 8 - Advanced Fluffy Psychology and Herd Dynamics
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 9 - Behavioral differences between Domestics and Ferals
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 10 - Cooking for and with Fluffies
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 11 - Fluffy Folklore and ‘The Fluffy Cult’ Phenomenon
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 12 - Fluffy Neuropsychology
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 13 - Mail Call Special
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 14 - Disease, and May contest entry
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 15 - Bitch-mare syndrome
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 16 - Fluffy Competitions
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 17 - Halloween Special
Abuser’s Web Guide Episode 18 - Medicine and Physical Disabilities

The Library Stories - When fluffies look for a better life.
The Library, Part 1
The Library, Part 2
The Library, Part 3

The Peter Stories - Every one of these stories is in the Controversial section for a reason. The topics within are not for everyone.
Peter. Part One.
Peter. Part Two.
Peter. Part Three.
Peter. Part Four.
Peter. Part Five.
Peter. Part Six.
Peter. Part Seven.
Peter. Part Eight.
Peter. Part Nine.
Peter. Part Ten.
Peter. Part Eleven.
Peter. Part Twelve.
Peter. Part Thirteen.

Miscellaneous Stories - One-shot stories
Contest Submission - The Bloom of Annabelle
The Fluffy Farm
The Fluffy Mill
The Lighthouse
The Mushroom
The Passport
Ultimatum, Part 1
Ultimatum, Part 2


Glad to know I’m not the only one who had the idea to turn a post into an index, It would be nice if there was an index category to prevent people from spamming the community posts with them if it ever happens.


Great idea, thank you


I am so glad you did this. The way things get ordered on people’s gallery is random and very difficult to track so this is a godsend, I wish more people did this!




You could also make this a featured topic on your profile. That way, whenever somebody visits your profile (probably to check your gallery), they will also see this post.


Aaaand done. Cheers!

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Now THAT’S a cool feature. Once I get the rest of my archive posted I’ll put one of those up myself.


This is super useful. Thank you.

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Are you alive, sir? I’ve been jonesing for your stories hardcore, man!

It’s still up, but Virgil changed stuff around stories tagged as controversial, there is a post in his profile explaining what to do



Better to just send people to the Quick Start Guide
(can be found in the FAQ)

Did real life get you, Turboencabulator?

I miss your stories something fierce.


hey dude. I just want to say your stories are my favorite on this site. I’m not really in the fandom but every few months I come back to check on if you’re alive. You have so much detailed knowledge about so many things, your worldbuilding is unparalleled and makes me feel so invested in this horrible depraved sci-fi universe you’ve made for yourself (and graciously, us!) Fluffies are inherently an absurd concept but your work strives to root them in a world that makes sense and I love it. Hope you’re doing ok, hope to see more of your writing and see you back on here someday.