Crossover Episode, April 2024 Theme Event

Welcome to Spring, my Favorite Fluffy Folks!
I have something new to reveal!

Credit to @toofymunstah for their original fluffy art

This month I’d like for us to delve into the more silly and weird side of our hobby.
I would like to see you create a Crossover Episode

To participate in Crossover Episode, you’ll be putting fluffies into media where they absolutely do not belong.
Obviously this is going to be easiest in cartoons and other animated media, but we’re very aware of just how creative our community is, so we will not be limiting you to only those mediums. You are free to add fluffies to nearly any medium short of pin-ups or porn.
Due to the nature of this theme, most of the works presented are going to qualify as Shitposts, and as such they should probably be posted to the Shitposting/Personal category unless a significant portion of the piece was created by you.

To have your entry counted in this Theme Event, simply add a link to this post when you upload your work.

Because we want to keep this rather light and silly, instead of having a competition, what we’ve decided is to add every participant in this theme event to a group we call Silly Gooses
This grants each of you a new title and flair that you can decorate your profile with.
Permanently, if you want.
To change your Title and Flair, you can follow this link

So where will you be putting fluffies?
What kinds of shenanigans will they get into there?

This theme event will run from March 23rd to April 6th, 2024
Late entries might be accepted only because this part is not a competition.

EDIT: However the Wacky Races portion of Crossover Episode is a bit of a competition and a strict deadline will need to be adhered to.
An entrant to Wacky Races will also be added to the Silly Goose group and have access to the special title and flair.


No shit, the latest thing P3 is already doing fits lol

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@NekuChan , over here

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Even if I was unaware of this event it really DOES hit the nail. NICE! :smiley:

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I’ve had a crossover brewing for a while, but not sure I’ll be able to get to it for the event! Looking forward to seeing what others come up with, though.

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What I’m currently working on would fit in but it won’t be done in time.


Added instructions for how you can obtain your Silly Goose title and flair

Speaking of silly gooses, I’m being quite the silly goose right now, because I haven’t even mentioned the Secondary Portion of Crossover Episode, yet.
This part will actually be something of a competition, and it will be fueled by popular votes of the community.

Many of you may not remember it, and in fact this specific cartoon is older than me, (if you can believe that) but one of the very first crossover cartoons was called “Wacky Races”. Characters from all over the Hanna-Barbera library could show up and compete in Wacky Races.

And much like that series, we want to hold a “race” featuring your fluffies driving crazy contraptions. (No regular cars allowed! They must be Silly Cars!)
I personally have commissioned my Racer, so that’s an option for those of you who are not artistically inclined. I’m totally not cheating.
Once we have our roster of racers, we’ll put up a series of polls in which everyone will choose the top three (at first) racers that they want to see move forward. In the later polls voters will be allowed fewer votes, until we have a clear winner!

What does the winner get? Well, we haven’t actually determined that yet.
But we’ll all have a lot of fun!
You need to have your racer submitted before 00:01 Greenwich Mean Time, Tuesday April 2nd
Countdown Here


Lmao Nobody AA leaves and then this event gets revealed, it’s pottery.

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This post should be pinned to the top of the feeds


We need a racer based off the anthill mob, just a team of micro fluffys in a toy version of the 1927 Packard 433 Series 6-Cylinder Touring Sedan, and call it the BB Jr.


I hope I can get something drawn for the race in time. Either way, looking forward to it

I want to be a silly goose… I think I can make that loose deadline for sure. And for fun, an old piece that fits the theme, where a fluffy somehow made it to the Hundred Acre Wood


bestest bwimp

he simply cannot lose!


Just so I’m not hitting everyone out of left field, I will not be able to begin the Wacky Races posts immediately after the deadline, but there shouldn’t be more than a few days before I can begin them.

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There are two more days for you to get your Wacky Races entry submitted!
Other Crossover Episode entries will still be accepted for a week beyond that time

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17 more hours for entrants to Wacky Races




Thank you to each and every one of you that created entries for Wacky Races.
Unless I’ve made a horrible mistake (which we all know happens from time to time) it looks as though we will have racers representing 18 of our members or partnerships

@Karn / @PrincessPurrpaws

If you see that I’ve missed a racer, please let me know now so that we don’t forget anyone in the voting!


So… Uh… When is wacky races starting? Can I already draw a comic of my racer competing for the trophy?