Fwufftobuh 2021 (TWO Versions!!)

Important Update!

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I’m kind of an idiot and had completely forgotten that @sexygoatgod had already gone to the trouble of making a Flufftober list…weeks ago
BUT, That just means that you have 62 different prompts to choose from, and the pre-existing list is actually more fluffy-centric!

Hey folks!
I’m sure many of you have heard of Inktober.
I know that a number of our creators have taken part in the art prompt in previous years.
Some of you will also be aware that there has been some controvery surrounding the originator of the idea, which has led a lot of fandoms to simply create their own variant of the activity, which is exactly what we’re doing too.
(Would you believe someone has already taken the name Flufftober? Oh well.)

Ladies, Gentlemen, Friends
I present to you


This is not a contest, there will be no judging of any entries.
Take part if you want to, ignore it if you want to, pick out any prompts you want to and just create something from those. We will not judge.
Do Not Beat Yourself Up If You Are Unable To Finish

This activity is open to
Traditional Artists
Digital Artists
Artisan Crafters

There is one prompt for every day of October
All categories and tags are allowed (because again, it’s not a contest)

The list of prompts is as follows

1: Pop

2: Six

3: Squish

4: Uh uh

5: Cicero

6: Lipsch…

GODDAMMIT @StoneRouge ! This is the fucking Cell Block Tango!!
Where’s the real list!?!

Thank you to @ProfessorOlive for the use of their artwork,
to @StoneRouge for kindly editing it,
and to @anon81860662 for their suggestions on this list of prompts

For those who like an extra challenge
Here is a random number generator that will give you two numbers between 1-31
Use the combined prompts to create your work!


I was just thinking about inktober this week and how fluffies would happen in this event xD


Well now you know!


Interesting, I think I got a few ideas I can use


What exactly is this about? You pick a topic and go from there?

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Fwufftobuh is a month-long art challenge focused on improving skills and developing positive drawing habits. Every day for the month of October anyone participating in the Fwufftobuh challenge creates a drawing/story and posts it to the FluffyCommunity.

~Abridged Fluffy Version of an Inktober explanation.~


Damn just bulldozing my list are we


There’s a prompt for every day in October.
People that are really committed to these actiivities will take each word, interpret it in their own way, and create art from that prompt.
Other people might do every other word, or they might pick and choose a few that interest them.
It’s more or less and exercise to improve one’s skills, and to have fun with.


Did you have a list of your own?
I didn’t see it

You commented on it :confused: .

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well i already bookmarked yours first so im doing yours for flufftober lol


Well fuck me running.
I promise that it wasn’t intentional.
I have memory issues

the lulz

wha… am I really that blind to drama?

Not your best day, huh? lol.

I’m looking forward to this! ^^

Happens more often than you might think.
And a whole lot more often than I’d like.
But I’ve gotten really good at apologizing…
…so I’ve got that going for me ^_^;


wait, you wanna say you’re not the perfect amazing mighty wise god?


If you’re able to utter those words with a straight face you’re doing better than me.


If I’m doing better, then you probably struggle to breathe and survive… We need some good hugbox for our kind admin god <3

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Wonder if anyone is gonna do all 31.

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All 62!