The price of entitlement. part 1 (by no_sketti_on_tuesdays)

Boy I’m gonna enjoy torturing this little gremlin in the next part. Hope you folks enjoy.

It was the end of September. 3 months remain till winter. The days were still warm and the sun shining bright. In the window lay an orange unicorn fluffy stallion with a bright green mane named Tangerine. Tangerine lived a good life. Far better than most Fluffies. His daddeh and nyu mummah loved him and had catered to his every whim.
“Daddeh cwean poopies.”
“Nu wan kibbwe mummah! Wan sketti NAO!”
“Tangyween wan wachie fwuffy teebee!”
Tangerine had good Nummies like sketti every night. He had plenty of toysies like baws and bwockies and his very own teebee in his safe room. Tangerine truly was living the good life.

With every order he knew his daddy would always give in. He was his daddeh’s bestest babbeh. And his mummahs bestest babbeh before he got his new daddeh. Tangerine knew he was the bestest babbeh. Maybe even the bestest fluffy in all the world.

“Wha Daddeh mean nu?”
Tangerine was caught off guard by his daddeh’s response.
“I mean no tangerine. I’m not buying another fluffy just so you can hump it.”
Tangerine doesn’t quite know what to think. He’s never been told no like this. Maybe daddeh just needed a little persuading. he thought to himself.
“Buh Daddeh. Tangyween wan speciaw fwen. Wan giv Speciaw Huggies. Wan babies an gud feews.”
His Daddeh shook his head.
“I’m not taking care of another fluffy. Better yet another fluffy plus foals. The answer is still no.”

How could Daddeh do this to tangerine. Tangerine was a good fluffy who made good poopies (if he feels like it.) He decides to react in the most rational manner.
He puffs out his cheeks and gives sorry poopies to the carpet behind him as he wails and stomps the floor.
Instead of responding his Daddeh walks out of tangerines safe room and shuts the door. How could Daddeh do this to him? Was a pretty mare for special Huggies and babies really that much to ask? Daddeh was a dumbeh and now tangerine knew for sure.

A few days pass since dumbeh Daddeh told tangerine he couldn’t have a mare of his own. Tangerine was walking through his housie to ask Daddeh again.
“Yeah Martha I know at first we didn’t wanna get him fixed but now he’s screaming about wanting a fuckbuddy. Yeah yeah the babies would be cute but you know we can’t afford that.”
Fixed? How could they get tangerine fixed? Tangerine wasn’t broken. He had all his weggies unlike his mummah.
“Heh yeah. Well just call the vet and make the appointment. I didn’t wanna cut his balls off but this is getting annoying.”

Tangerine was shocked. His bawws? His noenoes? His Speciaw wumps? Why would Daddeh ever want to cut them off? He needed his Speciaw wumps for Speciaw Huggies. Without them he’d be as useless as a mare.
“Daddeh wan make tangyween mawe!”
Tangerine made scawedy peepees In The hallway. He crept back to his safe room and stared at his Speciaw wumps.
" B-buh tangyween need Speciaw wumps foh Speciaw Huggies an hab babbehs. NU! Daddeh nu take wumps. Me go teww dumbeh Daddeh. "

Tangerine wandered back into the living room and jumped up on the coffee table in front of his daddeh.
“Tangerine you know you aren’t allowed on the table.”
“Tangyween nu cawe! Daddeh nu take tangyween Speciaw wumps! Nee wumps foh Speciaw Huggies!”
Daddeh looked at tangerine. It took him a second to grasp what tangerine was saying.
“Oh I didn’t realize that you’d heard that. Sorry buddy but this isn’t up for discussion. Your momma agrees too. No babies. You’re getting neutered.”

Daddeh grabbed tangerine by the nap of his neck. He’d never given bad upsies before.
Tangerine unleased a spray of diarrhea filled with partially digested bits of sketti all over his daddeh’s favorite shirt.
His Daddeh yells. He drops tangerine. Tangerine got hoofie huwties as he hit the ground. Despite the pain tangerine knew what he had to do. He bolted out the dog door his Daddeh had installed for him and into the back yard. Climbing up on the picnic nummie Table he hopped over the fence and kept running.

If dummeh Daddeh wouldn’t give tangerine a mare he’d find one himself. Along with a new daddeh that wouldn’t take his Speciaw wumps away. Tangerine was on his own now for the first time in his life.

He walked and he walked for what seemed like many forevers (aka 20 minutes) before finally deciding he was far enough away from his poopy dummeh Daddeh. He sat letting the sun shine on his thick orange fluff. He finally looked around and realized.
“Whew?..whew am tangyween?”
He’d been to the pwaygwound and the gwosewy stow many times before with his nyu mummah but he’d never been this far away by himself before.

It seems all that running had made the sketti tangerine had for breakfast go bah bah.
“Nee Nummies… DADDE-… Wai… NU! NU need dummeh Daddeh! Tangyween fin Nummies aw bah hissewf!”
And with that tangerine looked for Nummies. He looked and looked but he couldn’t find his beloved sketti anywhere. He passed by a yucky looking dumpster. He was about to push on until he heard something.
Tangerine stops and looks. Behind the dumpster is a mare with several foals standing over a pile of what looks like old ramen.

“Yay! Skettis make da bestest miwkies to make da bestest babbehs gwow big an Stwong!”
The babies dance. Their ribs showing this is probably their first meal in days.
“Wuv miwkies!”
“Miwkies! Wan miwkies!”
“Finawy! Tummie huwty go away!”
“At last brethren! Our mother has obtained sustinence to keep us alive with milk! Huzzah!”
They all stare at that fluffy weirdly before all giving him sowwy poopies at once.
“Wat we tew ou about talky wike hooman monsters!”
He cries.
“Am sowwy. Babbeh jus wan miwkies!”

Tangerine didn’t care about the babbling of the foals. All he knew was there was his skettis. He runs over and knocks the mare away.
He stands above her.
“Dis am fwuffies sketti! Gu away!”
The foals cry as their hope for miwkies is snatched away.
“Huuhuu nu huwt momma!”
“Uuuurg! Smawty babbeh nu gib sketties! Smawty baby gib wowstest hoofsies!”
The baby walks towards tangerine. Cheeks puffed out. With one stomp tangerine bashes the foals head in.
“NUUUU BABBEH!! Huuhuuhuu! Why huwt babbeh? Why huwt mummah? Mummah nee sketti to make miwkies foh babbehs!”

What the foal said had affected tangerine.
“Smawty… Wike smawty… Am smawty…”
He said quietly to himself.
“Gu away dummeh mawe! Dis am smawty sketti nao! Unless dumbeh wan wowstest owies!”
The babies stare in fear at their now dead brother.
“Dumbeh mawe nu heaw smawty? Weave NAO!”
He yells stomping another foals head into a red mush.

She runs away from tangerine. Tangerine liked this feeling. He could get used to being a smarty. He leans down and takes a bite of his newly aquired spoils.
“PTUEY!!! Dis nu taste pwetty. Dis is twashie!”
He turns his nose up at the pile of poopy sketti
And trots off.

The new smarty keeps walking on his journey. He walks until the trees outnumber the familiar housies. The sun starts to set and the breeze gives tangerine chills. He needs to find a safe place to last until bwight time.
“Brrrrr… Nee fin wawm pwace… What dat?”
A little ways off the road he spies what looks to be an some kind of crate with a blankie sprawled over the top of it.
Gasp Nestie!”
He wastes no time getting into the box.
" Sniff sniff what dat pwetty smew?"
At the end of the box is a fresh and tasty sketti treat.

Tangerines mind races as he thinks of just how pwetty the sketti treat will taste. He doesn’t even notice as he steps on the metal plate triggering the mechanism.
Tangerine turns around and makes scawedy poopies. He’d wandered into a box trap. He runs to the door and realizes it’s pointless. He’s not strong enough to get it open. He looks back and to his horror. The sketti treat was completely covered in his scaredy poopies.

Tangerine had been stuck in this trap for what seemed like many many forevers ( 9 hours). His hunger gets worse and worse. He looks at the sketti treat still covered in scawedy poopies. The second worst of all poopies right behind sowwy poopies.
“Huuhuu nu wan num poopies. Why meany metaw boxy num tangyween huuhuu tangyween nu Nummies.”

Finally the hunger took tangerine and despite all his misgivings he Nummied the poopy treat.
“Buuhuuhuu nu taste pwetty”
A few minutes later tangerine heard something. Footsteps.
He was saved!

“Paw look! Somethins in the trap!.”
" Well don’t keep me in suspense boy. What is it."
Suddenly the box lifts up.
" Aww it’s just one of them damned Fluffies. I was hoping for a mink."
“Meh people don’t even buy fluffy hides. Just let it out.”
Tangerine listens.
“Dummeh hooman wet smawty outsies.”

Without hesitation the man opened the trap and shook tangerine out. Tangerine landed shoulder first.
“OWIES! Huuhuu… DUMBEH hooman be smawtys nyu Daddeh! Gib smawty skettis and Nummies and wawm housie and mawe foh Enfies NAO.”
The man looks at tangerine and sternly says.
“You git before I turn ya into a hat”
He kicks tangerine in the stomach. Tangerine flies back a few feet and proceeds to vomit.
“Huuhuuhuu tummie biggest huwty! Make sickie wawahs. Huuhuu”
The men walk off as tangerine lays there in pain. An hour passes before tangerine gets up.

“Huuhuu tangyween nu wike outside.”
He waddles off. Atleast it’s bwight time now.
He walks and walks and walks. Seeing less and less housies. The only noise to accompany him are the chirping of birdies and the roar of the occasional metaw munstah going by.
Suddenly tangerine feels something hit his head.
“HUH?.. Who dew!?!”
He feels the poke on his head again.
“Ou cum outsies wite nao ow smawty gib ou wowstest huwties!”
He feels another and another and another until finally he realizes.
He scurries off the side of the road and into the trees looking for anything to get him out of the sky wahwah. Finally he comes across an old hollowed out log.

“Huuhuu finawy! Dwy pwace! Huuhuu!”
He runs inside. Finally out of the cold wet downpour. Alas it was too late. His beautiful orange fluff was soaked. His wet fluff felt so heavy as it drooped. He shivers.
“Huuhuuhuu… Nu wike sky wahwah…”
He tries to give himself Huggies. He missed his Huggie toy back at his old housie. Though it was just a toy Huggies still made everything better.
Suddenly something speaks.
Tangerine jumps and looks towards the voice. It wasn’t a monster but another fluffy. A pretty blue mare with a purple mane.

She speaks up again.
“Fwuffy wet. Wan wickey dwysies?”
Without hesitation tangerine shook his head yes.
The mare started licking his fluffy trying to lap up as much water as she could. It was like getting many tiny Huggies all over. Tangerine loved it.
When she was finished he still wasn’t exactly dry but all the excess water was gone. Tangerine spoke up.
“Fank ou foh bestest wickey dwysies. Am smawty.”

The mare tilted her head and looked at tangerine.
" Ou nu smawty. Smawty hab hewd."
This caused tangerine to think. She was right. He didn’t have a herd. Unless…
“Pwetty mawe be smawtys hewd? Smawty nee Speciaw fwen foh gud feews an babbehs.”
Fluffies we’re quite forward with their intentions. The mare looked at tangerine.
Fluffies are also not hard to convince. Needless to say tangerine finally got his wish

Dummeh Daddeh thought he could stop tangerine from having babies. Tangerine was smarter than dumbeh Daddeh ever was. Besides what could possibly go wrong? As his Speciaw fwen said. Babbehs make everything better!

That night September gave way to October.
2 months remain till winter.

The price of entitlement. finale.


Hahaha, this is going to be fun.


Get the popcorn


Can’t wait to see Tangerine fucking suffer.


Well, this clearly couldn’t come back to bite him in the ass

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A veritable enchanted prince.
Named after a fruit.

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Fluffies, a retarded artificial species, a grand majority of fluffies have no survival instinct, their bodies were made to look “cute and adorable,” so they can’t survive on their own, most feral fluffies survive out in the wild due to dumb luck and apathy of people, yet fluffies have the gall and arrogance to insult and make life difficult for their owners and try to run away and live on their own.

Here’s hoping Tangerine’s outburst will be a wake-up call. Fluffies aren’t pets, they’re expensive toys pretending to be pets. Hope the guy just gets a dog or cat.


I think I’ve gone numb to the smarty and now I think I’m a hugboxer oh no

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Hahaha nice story. I smell the pain already what gonna happen.

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You are categorically wrong about them being toys, just like everyone else that calls fluffies biotoys. Thankfully fluffies aren’t real so it doesn’t matter beyond annoyance.

Does seem cruel to only own one member of a social species. In some countries it’s illegal to only own one guinea pig.

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Would you want two smarties shitting in your house?

Tangerine might not have been a smarty if he’d been fixed and had a friend.


In a home with an owner that understands Fluffies I agree. But honestly I think this dude views them more with the “biotoy” mindset. Think about how fast he replaced tangerine after he lost him. I’d be willing to bet money the mare he replaced tangerine with is gonna develop smarty syndrome too… Ya know actually I may make a psuedo sequel to this story with that concept.

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Oh dear. Now I wanna see the guy have something karmic happen to him - all this is his fault.


The kid wanted to catch a mink and yet he baited the trap with . . . spaghetti? (Lamo jk. Love this story.)

I love him already

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