The Pack- because what we need is more fluffies bred to eat other fluffies. (1) by :Shadowfox

Off log entry 1

So, it occurred to my cousin that what the world really needed was carnivorous fluffies just smart enough to follow instructions, not shit themselves, and tear apart other fluffies. I’m not saying I’m not aware there’s a market for that, just that this sort of thinking might be part of why there are feral fluffies running around that need shredding. And screw your ‘friend at hasbio who can hook you up with modding shit’, Dave.
Then he found Investors. Where, I don’t even. And things were set in motion without more of a plan than that. He bought property and set everything up. He got foundation stock sourced and the gene splicing started.
And only then did he remember that all his friends and supporters in this shit were abusers to their cores….and just maybe shouldn’t be left alone with his valuable, hard to replace new stock until he had more to spare. George said he lost ten of the first generation litters before he wised up about that. George was also remarkably evasive about how many of those were his fault, but that’s George for you.
So Dave came to me. “Hey, Shadow, you’re basically a hugboxer, right? You like looking after things. And you hate your job?”
Two out of three isn’t horrible. “Basically. Why? How much?” Well, that was a lot more than customer service was offering, wasn’t it? For that much money and a profit share, I can look after his little abominations, yes sir. It’s not like this is a puppy mill, that would be evil. Look after the stock, keep records, get any saleable stock ready for purchase in a generation or so.

**Semi- Official Caretaker log 1.**

I have taken custody of the last litter of the ‘first gen. Stock.’ (By which Dave means the first generation that the right gene splices took decent effect on). I have been assured that genetically compatible foundation stock will be delivered in a month, further away from the ideal but acceptable to postpone the inevitable ‘line breeding’. Name of breed remains under development. (demonfluffs? Fluffivores? Hellspawn- that’s most fluffies, really.)
Stated Ideal- basically a fluffy Thestral/nightmare, Alicorn style. Bat/dragon wings. Slightly shorter/ fluff we can get blood off of easily.(with a lot of question marks around that for part of a mission statement, Dave.) Cat like teeth suitable for ‘devouring their worthless kin’. Less breakable. Closer to dog intelligence in training. (Dave, what kind of dog? Beagles that won’t shut up? Poms that routinely piss all over and won’t shut up? Border Collies that know exactly what they can get away with when you aren’t looking and how far they can bend the rules before you put a foot down? This is a wide gradient, Dave!) Gothic but attractive colors. (so they could be misplaced in a Hot Topic, got it. Yes, I have seen the back of my own wardrobe, and the last of my non work clothing. You aren’t paying me enough to avoid mild hypocrisy, Dave.)

**Alpha Stock, consisting of two males and two females, all from the same litter. **
Initial observations- all four are very fluffy and soft. (Dave, I finagled access to some of the gene records. If you want washable fur, Chinchilla genes are not the place to start, they are damn near gremlins to look after. Don’t get wet, don’t leave them in hot weather, don’t feed them… you get the drift) they also all have sharp little kitten-like milk teeth, (thank you for the warning, Dave! /s) Roughly the size of half grown shelties, and just as bouncy. (also, I understand these are your starting point to ‘perfection’, but only one out of four has the wings you say you want. Not that the other three aren’t gorgeous looking, but still. Are we actually counting this as a flaw or just a variation? I need to know these things before I can start on the breeding plans.)
Note as of the end of first week- (I can’t do the letters, Dave, they don’t understand which means them that well. Official Breeding Records will remain in your format, but they are getting damn call names. Every dog, horse or cat breeder ever has them.) As is standard practice with other species, breeding stock at this facility will be assigned call names as well as alpha numeric id codes.
Weanling room rules-

  1. The human is always right
  2. Play nicely with your siblings.
  3. Eat out of your own bowl.
  4. Use the litterbox.
    5.No playing after the big light is out.
  5. If in doubt, refer to rule 1.
    (Edit) 7. No fluffies on the tabletop except for exam time.
    (Edit) 8. Don’t chew on the table legs.
    (Edit) 9. The baby gates are not intended as a challenge. Stay on the side you’re put.
    (Edit) 10. No means no, not ask again in five minutes.

Alphastock 1A-Male- Light charcoal fluff, mane either black or very dark indigo. Feathered wings instead of desired style, but they match the mane and are very Corvidish, and I can see that as a popular option. Somewhat keratinish cloven hooves. ice blue cat pupiled eyes, iridescent, longer than usual horn. Tolerant/ moderately cooperative during exam, has not aggravated me yet, seems to listen.
End of week 1 note. Call name Rook assigned. (Wook) Has yet to break a previously stated rule. Rather quiet, intent on watching things around him more than interacting with littermates or provided toys.

Alphastock 1B-Male- Ivory fluff, peacock blue mane and tail, wings body color faded into mane colored feathers, with small, green spots. Green eyes, cat pupiled. Horn metallic version of fluff color, very shiny. Cloven hooves, still softer than 1A’s. Might harden further.
End of week 1 note. Call name Glory assigned. (Gwowy) Constantly preening, short attention span for anything not himself. Does respond to direct interaction and remember basic rules. One sorry boxing for relieving himself outside the litterbox, with the offending feces in the box with him, and that was that. Absolute fussbudget about mess and bad smells. (Good luck the first time he gets blood on his hooves, guys.)

Alpha stock 1C- Buff to gold fluff, silver white mane. Horn silver/gold spiral striped, very dramatic. Fluff fades into silver wings with gold banding on feather tips. Solid fingernail hardness hooves. Dark yellow, rather avianish eyes. Largest of the lot by nearly a lb.
Week 1 end notes- (I don’t like this one, she is not my favorite.) Call name Aurora assigned (Awowa) Able to remember and quote back rules as well as 1B, but seems slower on applying rules to actual behavior. Has already required two sorry stickings not to bully 1D away from food bowls, and another to remind her that the litterbox is right there once the sorry box trick used on 1B failed. She is, however, very good about sharing toys and playing nicely with 1B and occasionally 1A. Continued discipline and observation required.

Alpha stock 1D- smoky grey fluff, red and orange streaked mane. Stubby little talons on front legs + scattering of scales on ankle and lower, cloven hooves on hind. Leathery wings with scattering of red scales. Exceedingly sharp teeth. (and she’s in a teething phase) red and gold horn, green cat eyes. She is precisely the stated ideal- if she wasn’t half the size of her littermates.
Week 1 end notes- Call name Foxfire assigned (Fox’fiaw) Has destroyed three balls and two stuffies teething. Very puppyish, loves fetching, will bring toys and beg for them to be thrown so she can chase them. Has been seen inducing 1A into games of tug of war with stuffies or blankets more than once. Unconcerned with the food bullying, more interested in getting playtime with the human than fighting over the weanling bowls. Would probably fight back if hungry enough. Can repeat back all the rules, but seems to have an impulse problem, largely focused on an interest in what’s over there and the concept of up.

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I love all of them. They all sound gorgeous. Glory is my fave.

Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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Is the bat wings neccesary tho?

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I’m having a lot of fun writing this, so thank you muches! Might be a fair amount of build up to the actual predation, but it does get there.
The term for this breed of fluffies is still under debate. Demonfluffs has been the working term, but I am open to suggestions.

Foxfire might stay the only one with those. I was mostly thinking of fluffy thestrals when I wrote this, went why not. Also, bat pony fluffies are rare as far as I’ve read.
I admit, I was on a binge of those xibalba stories when the booru went down.

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I see, well shes a lucky one I say!